EDWARD WARREN FISH, born January 22, 1893, was the oldest son of Wilder Warren Fish and Olive Ella Lord. The Fish family was in New England in 1782 and in California since 1870. Olive Ella was born in California in 1868 so both families were early settlers.

ELSIE ANNA LILIENTHAL, born January 1, 1894, was the daughter of German immigrants, August and Anna Lilienthal whose olive trees remain a landmark on Bear Mountain Road.

His father died when Edward was eleven, so he quit school to work the farm and help provide for his brother and sisters. Edward and Elsie were married August 1, 1915 and lived in the Fish family home; later Edward bought the farm from his mother.

Edward and Elsie had five children; their first son Wilder August was born May, 20 1916 and died August 4, 1925 of lockjaw, after stepping on a barnyard nail. Those who survived are:

Ella Elsie Fish Barbera b. April 8, 1918
Elmer Edward Fish b. April 18, 1919
Mildred Anna Fish Carpenter b. January 18, 1921
Betty Ruth Fish Stuart b. January 27, 1926

Edward did many jobs to provide for his growing family; he hauled ice to Kennett and drove school bus in addition to farming, raising cattle and later goats. When Highway 99 cut through the property, he built a store and gasoline station, adding a feed store later. Produce from the farm was sold, also sandwiches and homemade pies. Two cabins were rented by the night, but a survey crew for Shasta Dam stayed for one whole summer. Also the family raised and sold 60,000 turkeys.

Edward played baseball and encouraged the teams in his area, providing a field across the highway from the store. Both he and Elsie were interested in school and community affairs and active in Masons and Eastern Star.

Edward died of cancer in 1959, age 66.

After his death, the store was torn down and Elsie moved to a mobile home on Clear Creek Road, near her youngest daughter. She continued her social activities, Order of Eastern Star, Redding Chapter 44 and Guiding Star, Chapter 40. She rece1ved a 25-year jewel from each order.

Her later years, she lived with each of her children in turn. Elsie passed away at Crestwood Convalescent Hospital, October 12, 1987.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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