James Madison Frank

James Madison Frank was a native of West Virginia. James ventured west to California from Ohio in 1850, with his father. Most of James's youth was spent in Ohio as he returned there to find a bride in 1861. This is where he married Miss Fidelia Gage.
A return trip to California that same year was on the mind of Mr. J. M. Frank. He made it happen. The married couple crossed the plains by covered wagon to California arriving in Shasta County in 1861. The Franks resided in Eagle Creek in Western Shasta where they raised a family.
J. M. Frank a well known resident of Western Shasta died at Ono on November 7, 1899. His wife died about sixteen years before him. He left three daughters to survive him and they married into the Leschinksy and Stuck pioneer families of Shasta County.

Contributed by Jeremy M. Tuggle
Resource: The Daily Free Press, Friday, November 17, 1899. Obituary of James M. Frank.

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