Harry Ward Glover
Christine Sutherland

Harry Ward Glover was born in Oakland, CA, on May 8, 1879, to James Colman Glover and Sarah Elizabeth Hyde Glover. Both of his parents were born in England, but had lived several years in Oakland before their marriage in 1875. The family moved to Sacramento where they had an art shop and where Harry's sister, Annette, died.

By 1889, the family had moved to Whitmore where Harry and his brother attended Cedar Grove School. At 16, Harry began working in the mills and hay fields around Whitmore and Fall River. On January 15, 1900, he went to work for A. I. Ashcraft, in Redding, learning the blacksmith trade; he was paid $10.00 per month plus room and board with the Ashcraft family. He lived with them until his marriage.

Christine Sutherland, born January 23, 1884, was the second of three daughters born to James Sutherland and Melissa Day Early Sutherland in Kernville, CA. Nettie, the youngest sister, was born in Shasta Co., after James became Superintendent of the Nigra Mine, on Sept. 9, 1889, the family moved to Shasta so the girls could attend school. Sadie, Christine, and Jessie completed school in Shasta.

In 1901 the family moved to Redding so the girls could attend high school, after completing a business course, Christine worked in law offices until her marriage.

Harry and Christine took an active part in the social life of Redding, both had piano lessons and both took singing lessons from Miss Gussie Jackson, they were married September 29, 1904.

Christine would have been an ardent career woman, she had a keen mind and loved her work in the law offices. Instead she devoted her energy to being a competent cook and housekeeper and an excellent mother.

The Glovers had only one child, a daughter, Maida, but when Christine's sister, Jessie, died they kept her children until their father could find a suitable housekeeper. And when their father died, Ernest James Elfendahl and Alice Irene Elfendahl became permanent members of the Glover family.

After serving for a time as Deputy Assessor and doing construction work in Kennett, Harry returned to Redding and bought the Peter Glazer blacksmith shop in 1907.

Anticipating the importance of the automobile, the Glovers built their first garage on the corner of Market and Placer Streets in 1912. They acquired the agency for Hupmobile and Maxwell cars. About 1920 they got the dealership for Studebaker cars, this they kept until Mr. Glover's retirement in 1941. The buildings were remodeled from time to time so the appearance of the buildings changed greatly.

Harry Glover started his public service early as a member of the Redding Fire Dept., and he was fire chief in 1906. He was one of the founders of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association and the president of the Redding Chamber of Commerce. He was a charter member and president of the Kiwanis Club. He was also a member of Odd Fellows, Elks, Masons, and Native Sons of the Golden West. He was twice elected to Redding's City Council and served two terms as mayor.
Much of Mr. Glover's energy went to promoting Northern California highways and Lassen Park.

Though he was in poor health-after his retirement, Harry Glover enjoyed his grandson and namesake, Harry Ward Gandy. He died before his second grandson, Thomas Kent Gandy,
was born. He died June 10, 1946.

Christine Glover lived only two and a half years after her husband's death, dying on March 4, 1949.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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