Joseph C. Gray
Annie Jeanette Scott
? - 1913
Joseph C. Gray was born in Pennsylvania, on March 3, 1823. He arrived at Sacramento, California in 1849. He enlisted into the Mexican War being mustered out with the rank of Sergeant. Gray and two companions walked overland from Mexico City to San Gabriel, California.
Shortly after Joseph worked his way north to Sacramento, he became a partner of James McClatchy, the founder of the Sacramento Bee Newspaper. It is not known if this partnership was with the newspaper or not. It remains a mystery and this information have not been confirmed by the newspaper company its self. It is believed to be a partnership on the old McClatchy Ranch in Sacramento.
On May 30, 1851, Joseph C. Gray married Annie Jeanette Scott, a daughter of Walter William and Elizabeth Crawford Scott. Her father Walter reached California, possibly as early as 1847, was an early pioneer of the state. To this marriage twelve children were born.
Mary (Phillip Hatter) b. 1854
Araminta (Chauncey Stewart) b. 1856
Katie (Joe Randles) b. 1858
William Scott b. 1860 d. 1933
Alice (Campbell Hagen Schooling) b. 1862 d. 1934
John Zimmerman b. 1865 d. 1907
George Grant b. 1868 d. 1949
Joseph Jr. b. 1871
Annie Elizabeth (A. J."Bud" Fowler) b. 1873 d. 1905
Grace Gertrude (Herman Meyer) b. 1877 d. 1951
2 children died at birth
The family lived in several places in California, one of the being, Washington, Yolo County. His father-in-law Walter William Scott was driving the pack trains and freighting in the merchandise for a store located in Shasta City.
This store was owned and operated by the Callaghan brothers of that city. There was a family dispute within the Callaghan brothers, and two of the siblings left. Jeremiah Callaghan kept the business going promoting Walter W. Scott to become a store clerk and part owner.
This gave a chance for Scott to tell Gray about the opening within their company. Joseph C. Gray Sr., took the job and began driving the pack trains and freighting in the merchandise for this pioneer company. The Gray family arrived in Shasta County in 1872.
After the retirement of Walter W. Scott from this company, Gray left and began to farm his property on North Cow Creek in Eastern Shasta. Gray died on his farm on October 9, 1883, and is buried in the Millville Masonic Cemetery. His wife Annie Jeanette Scott Gray, moved to Bella Vista, and lived in that section of Shasta County for forty years.
Mrs. Gray then moved to live in Oakland, California for a while. She took ill and died at the home of her grandson, W.E. Gray, at 5766 Vicente Street. Mrs. Gray was buried in the Millville Masonic Cemetery, next to her husband. The descendants of Joseph and Annie Jeanette Scott Gray Sr. still live in present day Shasta County.

Contributed by Jeremy M. Tuggle
Resource "Rooted In Shasta County" by Jeremy M. Tuggle published by Preserving Memories in 2003, 2nd Edition 2004.
Walter William Scott Pioneer Plaque folder on file at Shasta Historical Society.
Joseph C. Gray Sr., Pioneer Plaque folder on file at Shasta Historical Society

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