1840 --1920
1856 --1947

Herman Klineschmidt was born in Stetten, Germany August 22, 1840 and emigrated to America at the age of eighteen. From San Francisco he went up the Coast to Manchester in Mendocino County where he found work in the woods. His brother Henry and sister Amelia later joined him.

Kate Reinking was born October 14, 1856 in Mendocino County. Her parents had come from Manchester, Indiana in a covered wagon. She had eight brothers and sisters. In 1876, she and Herman were married; all their of their seven children were born in Mendocino County:
Harry b. Apr. 17, 1879 d. Nov. 5, 1918 in Redding
Minnie b. 1881 d. 1916 in Mexico m. Frank Edwards
Herman b. Aug. 19, 1883 d. Apr. 15, 1903 in Redding
Fred b. May 30, 1885 d. 1952 in San Francisco
Ruth b. Sep. 4, 1889 d. Aug. 15, 1970 in Redding m. John P Webb
Evelyn b. Oct. 2, 1891 d. May 10, 1993 in Fairfield m. Albert Jones
Alex b. June 12, 1893 d. Feb. 20, 1986 in Oakland m. Elsie Schuchert

After thirty-eight years working in the woods and lumbermills, Herman decided to see the other side of the mountain. In checking the lumber busines in Shasta and Trinity area he found work with Terry Lumber Company. Part of his time was spent at Round Mountain but he found a
home for his family in Redding at North (Eureka Way) and Oregon Sts. After all those years living in one place, moving was an earth-shaking event and daughter Evelyn recalled a large earthquake the night before they left Mendocino City. They took a steamer to San Francisco and a train to Redding.

As he grew older, Herman spent less time at Terry's Round Mountain mill and more time at the lumberyard on north Court Street. He worked for Terry Lumber Company until his retirement. On September 23, 1920, Herman died in his home in Redding.

Kate spent her remaining years being a neighbor, mother and grand-mother to the people around her. On July 3 1947, Kate died at her son's home in Oakland.

Both Herman and Kate and four of their seven children are buried in the Redding Cemetery. Most of their children remained in Shasta County, but only two have descendants still living in the County.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - May 2001

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