Thomas Henderson Maupin was born in Kentucky to American born parents. His father's family, the Maupins had come from France in 1670. They were living in Missouri when his younger brother was born. It is not known when his father died, but his mother brought the family to California in 1852. His fifteen year old sister, Cynthia and her husband, John Raglan had a daughter, born on the trail and Frances, their mother adopted seven-year-old John Banks whose father had drowned while driving cattle across the Platte River.

They went to Colusa County, first, then settled in Shasta County where Thomas worked at Roaring Gulch. He married Elwiza Rockhold. Between 1863 and 1873, they had three girls, Cordelia, Dora Jane and Elizabeth and two boys, Thomas and William. Both boys and Elwiza died; they are buried in Tuttle Gulch Cemetery in the Gas Point area. The three girls married
and moved away from Shasta County.

Susan Ellen Hoover was born in Chico, California, August 15, 1855. Her maternal grandparents, Lewis and Sarah Bewley Potter, were in Pope County, Arkansas when her mother, Mary Ellen Potter was born in 1833. Grandfather Lewis Potter brought the family to California in 1852, after the death of his wife, Sarah Bewly. He died soon after their arrival in California and is buried on a hill near Bedbug (Ione).

Mary Ellen Potter married Daniel Wayne Hoover and they had twelve children; the youngest was Susan Ellen Hoover who married Thomas Henderson Maupin, January 19, 1877 in Red Bluff, California.

All of their children were born at Piety Hill (Igo):
Fred b. Nov. 10, 1877 d. Mar. 2, 1937 accident
Charles b. Apr. 29, 1880 d. Aug. 22, 1960 cancer
Chester Filmore b. May 29, 1883 d. Mar. 3, 1936 pneumonia
Carrie b. Mar. 14, 1885 d. Apr. 28, 1981 old age
Cynthia b. Apr. 27, 1889 d. July 1, 1959 cancer
Thomas Burtner b. Apr. 4, 1891 d. June 23, 1933 hit by car
Ethel b. Oct. 16, 1894 d. Sept. 26, 1978 old age
Perry b. May 1, 1895 d. Feb. 22, 1972 emphesema
Perry worked twenty-eight years at the Golden Eagle Barber Shop.

In his early life, Thomas lived at Piety Hill and worked in different mines in western Shasta County. In 1882, he paid $500 for a sawmill but he later sold it. He and two partners bought land in the Bald Hills for $2000; about 1883 they sold part of it for $8,000 in gold coin. This would be comparable to three million dollars today. With $2,000 of his profit, Thomas bought more land in Bald Hills.

The 1880 Agricultural Census lists Thomas as one of the most prosperous farmers in the area; his land was valued at $6,000.00 which indicates a rather substantial house. In 1879, the Maupin farm produced 1600 bushels of barley, 4050 bushels of wheat, 50 bushels of potatoes as well as eggs and milk for their own use. He had twenty-two horses, six milk cows, seventy-four head of cattle and two hundred-fifty hogs.

Thomas used Chinese labor and then the help of his children in the early days when he did truck gardening. Later he confined himself to raising livestock until his death of tuberculosis February 23, 1912.

Susan stayed on the ranch until her health failed; then she lived with her daughter Carrie Coumbs in Redding. She died Nov 10, 1923. Both are buried in Tuttle Gulch Cemetery.

Note: Corrections for death dates: Charles and Cynthia Maupin submitted by Judith Lenhart [Grand-Daughter of Charles] 11 January 2010

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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