1869 -- 1953
1872 -- 1946

Charles Marshall Murphey, born October 9, 1869 was the third son of William and Jerusha Murphey. (Sometimes the name is spelled Murphy) Charlie was born at Horsetown and all seven of the Murphey children were born near Ono where the family acquired a ranch in 1870. Charlie's brother James became a lawyer, his brother John was superintendent of the Redding Mosquito Abatement District and Charlie remained on the family ranch to assist his father.

Nellie Celestia Beebe was born December 2, 1872 in California as her parents, Day and Avis Celestia Beebe made their way from the East Coast to Dubuque, Iowa, then around Cape Horn to finally settle in Ono.

They may have attended the same school, or have met at community dances, but Charlie was 24 and Nellie was 21 on August 13, 1893 when Rev. Kidder performed their wedding ceremony.

They had six children:
Floyd b. 1894 d. 1918 m. Mabel Robinson
Christina b. Dec. 25, 1895 d. Mar. 5, 1973 m. Louis Dinkle
m. Ray Whisman
Viola b. Feb. 23, 1898 d. May 25, 1970 m. Artie Daniels
m. Bill Quinlan
Jessie b. May 3, 1900 d. Apr. 21, 1976 m. George Williams
m. Fred Burgess
Gladys b. Dec. 24, 1903 d. Aug 3, 1981 m. Vernon Williams
m. L. E. Golden
Glenn b. Nov. 5, 1907 d. April 24, 1963 m. Thelma Hoy

They settled on 640 acres in the Bald Hills where they raised turkeys, cattle, hogs and grain. Charlie was away for a week at a time when he hauled lumber and supplies to the Cleveland Mine at Gunsight Peak on Bully Shoop Mountain or the Midas Mine at Knob in Harrison Gulch.

Nellie helped with the chores, cooked for threshing crews and cared for her family but she was often lonely and always happy to have company. They both took part in community events and attended Saturday night dances; Charlie was considered a terrific dancer, though some of the ladies objected to chewing tobacco stains on his shirt and mustache.

Nellie passed away December 28, 1946 and seven years later, Charlie followed her, October 16, 1953.

Source: Shasta Historical Society May 1999

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