Don Noble
Fannie Caswell Maloney

Don Noble was born March 8, 1863, in New York. One of several brothers, Don came to Shasta Co., in the 1870's and settled in the Ono area. It is not known what happened to the majority of his family, but a half-brother and a half-sister were also residents of Shasta Co.

Fannie Caswell was born October 17, 1865, near Ono. Fannie had one daughter from her first marriage to a Mr. Maloney.

Don & Fannie married April 8, 1888, in Ono. Fannie had four childr,en before dying in 1901 giving birth to twins who died at birth unnamed. All the children were born at Ono with the exception of Elinore, who was born at Brown's Creek, Trinity Co, the children were:
William Wright b. Oct-18-1889 d. Oct-31-1948
Elinore Mae (Nicol) b. May-5-1893 d. Sep-6-1966
Leonard b. 1895 d. 1906
Maude Violet (Shelton) Coleman) b. Aug-6-1897 d. May-3-1972
Twins b. 1901 d. 1901

Don established Noble's Station in 1902 or 1903, later renaming it Platina in the early 1920's after he and others discovered platinum in the Bee Gum Creek. In 1904 or 1905, Don married Lena, a Native of London, England. For many years they ran a boarding house, general store, postoffice and ranching operation on approximately 1500 acres in the Platina Area, the acres were acquired mainly by U. S. Patents with Don and older son, William, as Patentees.

Don and a neighbor, Gregor Schneider, built the Goldboro schoolhouse and deloped the Flume that supplied water to the Bell Cow Mine. Don also served as a law enforcement office under Sheriff W. W. Sublett of Shasta County.

Molly Maloney Gates Wing, half-sister to William, Elinor, Leonard, and Maude, left Shasta Co., and spent her life in Plumas Co., near Taylorsville.

William spent his entire life in Shasta Co., except for combat in France during WWI. In 1929, he married Ruby Schneider, daughter of Gregor and Carrie Schneider, and they had one daughter, Shirley Noble Blair Dohle, of Redding. In the late 1920's, William started Noble's Trucking, operating the first semi-trucks in Redding. Ruby died March 19, 1979.

Elinore Mae married Andrew Frank Nicol in 1921. Their two children were Dorothy Nicol Bones Mills, deceased, and William of Redding. Elinore Mae served as postmistress at Harrison Gulch during WWI. She later was postmistress and ran a general store at both Platina
and Ono.

Leonard died at 11 yrs., and is buried in a solitary grave on the old Milliard Hubbard Ranch Northeast of Igo.

Maude married Ed Shelton. They had 2 sons, Norman, of Quincy, Plumas Co., and Roland of Ono. After Ed's death in 1947, Maude married Bill Coleman, a cow man of Ono.

Don died Jan. 14, 1936. Lena died in 1940. Both are buried in the Ono Cemetery.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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