John William Parry

John William Parry was born April 26, 1859 in Durango, Iowa. In April 1860 he and his 20 month old sister came west with their parents, Henry and Almira (Shipton) Parry, their aunt Arzilla Shipton and a friend Asa Carter. The trip took five long months. The train came by the Noble Trail pass to Susanville where three wagons left the train and arrived in Inwood September 1, 1860. The Parrys stayed in Inwood for the winter, in the spring they went to Trinity Center and stayed for two years. The family then moved to Del norte county with one of the wagon masters. After about three years they moved back to Trinity where they built a house and started the children to school. John helped his father in the mine, his sister Ida became a teacher.

John came to Shasta County to work for Terry Mill and there he met and married Sarah Rebecca Aldridge, daughter of William and Mary Aldridge, born September 19, 1865 in Inwood. John worked on the floom that still stands near Round Mountain.

John and Sarah had eight children:
Mary Almira b. April 9, 1884 near Fern
Myra May b. Sept. 21, 1885 near Fern
John Henry b. April 11, 1889 in Redding
Aaron Mitchel b. July 16, 1891 in Trinity Center
Samuel Allen b. June 28, 1892 in Trinity Center
Philip Gordon b. Feb. 13, 1895 in Trinity Center
Carl Smith b. Oct. 12, 1896 in Trinity Center
Mable Ann b. Sept. 25, 1900 in Trinity Center

John and Sarah homesteaded near Fern then moved to Redding when a neighbor brought a gun into a dispute over water rights. The children had Malaria in Redding so they Moved back to Trinity Center and took up a homestead. John worked at the Gladstone Mine for 50 cents a day. John was crushed between two oxen log wagons and fought for his life for several months. Sarah took in washing to feed their children. They moved to a ranch between Castella and Delta where they lived for several years. After living at Snow Gulch, near Carrville Mine, where they stayed until the gold ran out, the family moved to Trinity Center and John worked for Esterbrook
Gold Dredge Co.

John had trouble all his life from the crushing of his lungs and heart He slept his life away August 13, 1926 after a birthday party for his oldest grandaughter. Sarah died July 8, 1927.
He was well thought of by everyone.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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