Mayne Plumb

Mayne Plumb, the senior member of the firm of M.& C. S. Plumb, prominent merchants of French Gulch, was born in Kentucky on the seventh of September, 1851. His early education was obtained in New York. In 1865 he came to California and finished his studies at the State University at Oakland. He has had large experience in the mercantile business, having served twenty years as a clerk. The Messrs. Plumb inherited the store and stock from Thompson Plumb who established the business at French Gulch in 1868. He conducted it successfully until 1886, at the time of his death. At that time his son, Mayne Plumb, took charge of the store. His partner, Charles S. Plumb, is his cousin. They are both enterprising business men and are doing a lucrative business. Their stock consists of general merchandise, and their trade extends for forty miles into the country and is constantly growing.

Mr. Mayne Plumb was married, in 1880, to Mrs. Allie Blair, a native of Ohio and a daughter of Dr. John Smith, now of California. Mrs. Plumb has one son, Eddie L., by her former husband. Mr. Plumb is an Encampment Odd Fellow, and has passed all the chairs in his lodge. He is also a Master Mason. His political views are Republican.

Charles S. Plumb, the junior member of the firm, is a native of Michigan; was educated in Illinois, and followed railroading for the Michigan Central Railroad until he came to California in 1877. After his arrival in this state he was engaged for a time in a livery in French Gulch, but gave it up to enter the mercantile business with his cousin. They are agents for Wells, Fargo & Co.

Transcribed by: Melody Landon Gregory
Source: Memorial and Biographical History of Northern California, Lewis Publishing Co. 1891 pages 750 and 751

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