1827 - 1894
1834 - 1907

Frederick Dykeman Robinson b. July 27, 1827, and his brother Eli Bradford Robinson, b. May 15, 1830 sons of Martin & Rhuamah Dyckman Robinson, came from Putnam county, New York, to San Francisco by way of the Isthmus of Panama. His name listed in the California census of 1852 as being near Jackson. Later they mined in French Gulch where they were run out by indians. From there they walked to Roseburg, Oregon.

Frederick's brother, Eli Robinson, had married Mary Frances Jordan b. Feb. 7, 1834 in Athens, TN, daughter of Robert Hamilton and Emily Holt Jordan, and was serving as sheriff of Shasta County, Oregon in 1858. An acquaintance, accused of horse-stealing, shot and fatally wounded Eli whon he attempted to arrest the thief. The man was hanged on the site of the shooting by angry citizens. (Story regarding this is in the book by H. F. Reinhart. Name off the book: The Golden Frontier.)

Eli requested that brother Frederick and wife, Mary, should marry and raise Eli's children. They married eighteen months later in 1860.

Deeds on file in Shasta County, Oregon verify family information that Frederick owned a half interest in The American Hotel and was manager there until 1865 when he sold his interest plus a house and twelve lots to Stephen Chadwick. In 1865 he with his family returned to California.

They lived at tiny Cross Corners. which has become a part of Chico, Butte County. He drove stage from present Chico across the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Susanville.

Because malaria at that time harassed valley residents Frederick's wife, Mary, with the children and her father camped during the summer months at Big Meadows, which was on the Chico-Susanville road.

One evening her father urged Mary to go to bed early so as to turn out the light, and she did so. During the night she turned on the light in order to care for the baby who was ill. Again he insisted that she turn out the light at once; she protested but complied.

The next morning an old Indian woman, who did their laundry, camo into camp and told that her tribe had been attacked during the night by a neighboring tribe, and she was the only one escaped. Mary then understood why her father had insisted that the light be turned out. The drivers had heard of the Indian trouble the day before and told him that was quite possible. The old Indian begged to stay with Mary and be protected, but for their own safety they could not keep her.

The family's next move was to a farm near Paskenta in Tehama County in 1868. Frederick acquired an interest in the Bullychoop Mine in western Shasta County and in 1878 moved to a farm near Ono and much nearer to the mine. He served as a county Supervisor in his district 1882-1886. Because of his failing health they moved from the farm into Ono where he passed on.

Eli & Mary's children:

Emma Ruhama b. Oct 5, 1855 OR d. Sep 16, 1923 CA m. William Long
Frederick Bradford b. Mar 25, 1857 OR d. July 22, 1921 CA m. Mary Smith

Frederick & Mary's children
 Agnes Maria  b. 1863 m. John Lanaway Ruff
- - Children: Avenella, Mary Augusta, Clarence, Charles Oscar
 Robert Jordan  b. 1865 m: Clara Bella Miller
- - Children: Thomas Barton, Mabel, Ollie, Alma Marie, Claribel
 Harriet  b. 1868 m.William S. Wilder
- - Children: Lora, Grace, Edgar, Mary, Oscar, Veva
 Irby Close  b. 1871  m. Edith Y. Walker
- - Children: Martha, Burtis, Clifford, Irby, Edith, Doris, Frederick, Iris, Zola
 Susan Louisa  b. 1873  m. Francis M. Wilder
- - Children: Delia Ione, Mona May

Frederick died in 1894 and is buried in Ono cemetery. Mary Frances died in 1907 and is also buried in the Ono cemetery.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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