Edgar Ross Thomasson was born in Igo in 1880. His mother, Nellie Terbush was born in Igo and his father, William Ross Thomasson walked to California from Missouri. The family lived in Igo where his father worked in the mines. He went through ninth grade in the Igo School. His teacher wanted him to continue his education but he had to help on the ranch.

Christened Wilhelmina Augusta Voss, she was called Mena from the time of her birth near Ono. December 20, 1883. She was the fourth of five children born to Carl George Voss and Julia Ellen Rector. Julia died when Mena was three. Their infant son was adopted by Carl's brother and sister-in-law and Carl raised the four older children by himself.

Edgar and Mena were married in 1907. First the young couple lived at Ono with Mena's father, then they moved to Roaring River Ranch with Edgar's parents. As their family increased they moved to Stacer Place.

Edgar and Mena had four children:

Dorothy Burns b. 1909 at Ono As an adult she lived in Susanville and more recently in Chico.
Zola Shuman b. 1913 at Stacer Place She taught at both Anderson and Shasta Union High School and raised a family here.
Margaret McCool b. 1915 in Anderson She taught in the Redding Elementary Schools and raised her family in Redding.
Edgar b. 1917 in Redding He left school to help on the ranch. After his folks moved to Redding he worked in local construction and transportation.

Thomassons had ranches near Gas Point and north of Eagle Lake. They raised hogs, cattle and mostly sheep. Zola remembers carrying hobbles (bow legged lambs) down the hill to the ranch house. Edgar remembers his mother herding a bunch of sheep ten miles when their truck broke down. The last years of their working lives, they ran a dairy in the Evergreen area, south of Cottonwood.

Mena always worked alongside Edgar though she had a bout with Tuberculosis when she was in her forties. The strength she developed with all that work helped her care for him after an automobile accident. For ten years, as Edgar gradually lost the use of his limbs, she cared for and lifted him from bed to chair several times a day. Edgar died February 13, 1956.

Mena lived on until September 29. 1973; she and Edgar had eleven grandchildren, seventeen great-grandchildren and two great great-grandchildren.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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