1824 --1900
1826 --1901
William Harvey Tuggle, the son of James Mickleborough and Margaret Elizabeth Morgan Tuggle was born February 29, 1824 in Fayette County, Kentucky. He was the oldest child and thus learned to work early.

His first "real" job was as a stagecoach driver. About 1849 he may have been hired from that to drive someone's second wagon. How far? He made it to Missouri and the next we know he was running a hotel in Keokuk, the southernmost town in Iowa.

In Clark County, Missouri, April 6, 1848 he married Melinda Ferrel Johnson, a widow with two sons, Ferrel and Wesley Johnson. The couple had four children while they lived in Keokuk:

Charles ---- d. 1890
b. Mar.15, 1855
d. 1921
m. Mary Hammans
m. Julia Etta Barney
b. Apr 2, 1858
m. Gerald Keegan
m. Helmuth Wrage
b. Nov 12, 1859
d. 1925
m. Sylvanus Leach
m. Edward Dietz
When the Ferrel family wrote to tell Melinda of Henry Clay Ferrel's marriage to Angeline Dinsmore, their picture of California was so glowing that the Tuggles decided to move. They came by wagon train past Honey Lake, Badger Flat, Old Station and Mt. Lassen into Shasta County.

Not only had family encouraged them to come west, but Dinsmore and Ferrel hired William to run the livery stable they had built in Red Bluff. (It was a good place for a stable because it was the last year-round river port) William and Melinda had four more children in Tehama County:

Eunice b. Sept 5, 1863 d. Apr 15, 1890 m. Isaiah Garrison
Addison b. Aug 25, 1866 d. Noy 17, 1916 m. Carrie Barnes
George b. Feb 25, 1870 d. Jan 10, 1955 m. Maude Turner
Gerald b. Oct 10, 1871 d. Oct 16, 1937 m. Leta Mae Moore
Sometime after Gerald's birth the family moved to Shasta County and at various times lived at Shingletown, Parkville and Balls Ferry. The children enjoyed living in all three areas because they loved the open space. In later years, most of them enjoyed hunting, fishing and camping.

William Harvey Tuggle died May 16, 1900. As so often happens with marriages that come close to a Golden Wedding, Mary died in less than a year on March 17, 1901. Both are buried in Parkville Cemetery.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - May 2003

1855 --1921
1859 --1937
1845 --1928
William Merriman Tuggle, second son of William Harvey and Melinda Ferrel Tuggle, was born March 15, 1855 while the family still lived in Keokuk, Iowa. His mother had two sons by a previous marriage so he was the youngest of four boys. They came to Shasta County by covered wagon in 1862.

The family settled in Red Bluff where William H. ran a stable. Later they moved to Shasta County. Following their father's work, at various times they lived at Shingletown, Parkville and Balls Ferry. The children enjoyed all of them because they loved the outdoors and later fishing and hunting.

Mary Elizabeth Hammans, daughter of Henry Sr. and Hannah Moss Hammans was born February 3, 1859 in Johnson County, Iowa. Arriving in Shasta County in 1863, the Hammans family was one of the families who came during the Civil War.

A year before his marriage to Mary Elizabeth, William was living in Shingletown. On August 26, 1877, Justice of the Peace Joseph Darrah officiated so they were married somewhere near Millville. At seventeen, Mary had to have her mother's permission. The couple had six children:

Carrie b. June 18, 1879 d. July 12, 1960 m. Charles Bland
Cora b. June 17, 1880 d. Dec 5, 1964 m. Joseph Branham

b. Feb 16, 1882

d. Jan 11,1960

m. Arthur Litzenburg
m. George Algalbright
m. Muir
Otto b. Dec 7, 1886 d. Feb 19, 1956 m. Cora Sutton
Harry b. April 20, 1889 d. Jan 11, 1924 m. Wanda Hammans
Homer b. Aug 12, 1896 d. Jan 14, 1982 m. Vera Underwood

After Homer's birth, the couple separated. About 1910 Mary and three of her children were living in Corning but little more is known of her life. She died February 25, 1937 and is buried in the Redding Cemetery.

In the first decade of the Twentieth Century, William was living in Centerville; in 1909, he married another resident of that place, Julia Etta Barney Tuggle. A 1920 Census shows them living in Igo. William died in 1921 and is buried in Parkville Pioneer Cemetery in the Tuggle family plot. Julia survived him by seven years; she died November 20, 1928 in Shasta
County, but the place of burial is unknown.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - May 2003

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