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2016: Friday, January 29th

Anniversaries. This has been on my mind lately and I guess this is a good time to discuss the importance of anniversaries - whether something historical in nature or connected to your family, remembering and commemorating an anniversary can become a family tradition.

So, what kind of anniversary am I talking about? This year marks the 100th anniversary of Mt. Lassen erupting  in neighbor Tehama County. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 'Indy 500' auto race! But if you look in your family tree, I am sure YOU can identify an anniversary worth remembering and commemorating.

If your ancestors came to America from somewhere in the world, when was that? If an ancestor patented an invention (whether big or small) that is still used today, when and what was that? When did your ancestors become residents of California or even Shasta County?

You can remember birthdays, wedding anniversaries as well as memorializing the death of an ancestor. Other cultures in the world spend a whole day at local and family cemeteries to maintain not only the graves of ancestors but also whole cemeteries.

If YOU are the family historian, you an create a special calendar from other family members and identify key milestones for the rest of the families you share your 'finds' with!! How nice would THAT be?  Whether you provide a paper copy or something on the internet, other family members would appreciate knowing, in advance, the important dates or kin.

Anniversaries ARE worth remembering...

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