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'Photographs' with a Shasta County connection


If you have Shasta County-related family or county interest photographs you'd like to share here, please contact the County Coordinator.
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Photograph: Bass
Bass Family
Family portrait.
Left to right: Leigh Hix Dunning, Nancy Bass Dunning, Day Hix Dunning, Harry Cole Dunning.

Harry Cole Dunning was born in 1884, so you might be able to guess the date the photo was taken -- maybe around 1887?
Bass, Seymour
Seymour Bass, son of JSP Bass and Lucinda Bass
The white-haired man on the left is John Steven Patton Bass - generally called JSP; The grey-haird woman on the right is Nancy Bass Dunning, JSP's daughter. The brown-haired man between them is Leigh Hix Dunning, son of Nancy Bass Dunning. The little girl in white is Alta Nancy Dunning.
The photo was taken in Los Angeles in about 1906
Thanks to descendent Elise Kroeber for contributing these Bass & Dunning photographs! March 2013
Dunning, Day Hix (front)
Day Hix Dunning, husband of Nancy (Bass) Dunning, in 1864.
Dunning, Day Hix (back)
This is the back of the card on which the image of Day Hix Dunning appears. There is also some handwriting, indicating that it was sent to Leigh Hix Dunning in 1922
Day Hix Dunning and his wife Nancy Bass Dunning.
Day Hix Dunning and his wife Nancy Bass Dunning. (back)
Dunning, Margaret Cole (front)
She is the mother of Day Hix and Michael L. Dunning
Dunning, Margaret Cole (back)
This is the back of the card. The 1924 filename shouldn't be there -- the photo was NOT taken in 1924, but sent to Leigh in 1924. Margaret Cole Dunning died in 1881.
Dunning, Michael L (front)
Son of Margaret Cole Dunning
Dunning, Michael L (back)
Riley family
Terry Mills Road, Round Mountain CA - circa 1902.
Seated: William Thomas Riley & Amelia Belle (Hudson) Riley

L to R: Elvis Charles (birth name but he went by either Alvie or Alva) b. 1891, d.1915; Orie Riley b. 1885, d 1914 (gunshot by friend in accident at Round Mountain); Kate (aka Katherine - married name Maynard) b. 1884, d 1963; Dauphin b.1889, d 1964; Mary Idella (aka Della, married name Mcenespy. Lived in Chico) b1896, d1934; Lena (aka Linnie) b 1887. [Unknown what happened to her after 1900 census]
Riley, William Thomas
Went by 'Billy' logging on a donkey engine, Terry Mills logging, Round Mountain CA - circa 1905.
Riley Family photos - thanks to Jeffrey Lewis.

[The main person in the family, William Thomas Riley, was born in Churntown in 1864 to a full blood Wintun indian woman, and an Irish immigrant Gold Miner named William Richard Riley (went by Richard)] 31 Mar 2017
Riley brothers
seated - l to r: Orie, Alvie (aka Elvis or Alva)
standing - l to r: Dauphin, possibly Fred Marty. circa 1907?
Riley brothrs #2
Orie Riley, Dauphin Riley (Gpa) and Alvie Riley (3rd to the left of Dauphin) - taken at Ingot, possibly 1912 or 1913.
Riley, Kate
Kate Riley and husband, Claude Maynard. Circa 1910.
Riley, Dauphin
Possibly 1904 at Round Mountain - maybe 10 years old)
Riley, William (Billy) Thomas
Logging on a donkey engine, Terry Mills logging, Round Mountain CA. Circa 1905-1910 though I suspect 1910.
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