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17-08 Bauman, Sperber (Sparbar) I am searching for an obituary, death certificate and burial information for my great-great grandfather, Francis Sperber, who was a resident of Shasta County from about 1860 until his death in 1869. He was married to Theresa Bauman Sperber, and both of them immigrated from Germany in about 1855. The Sperbers initially settled in the Buffalo area of New York, then moved out to California after a few years. They had a total of five children:
  • William Frederick Sperber (1856-1941) born in Lancaster, New York
  • Frederick H. C. Sperber (1858-1887) born in Lancaster, New York
  • Amelia Mey Sperber (1863-1957) born in Shasta, CA
  • Frank Barnhard Sperber (1867-1919) born in Shasta, CA
  • Albert Gustav Sperber (1869-1919) born in Shasta, CA
Francis Sperber was listed in the 1867 Shasta County Great Register as 'Frank Sparbar' and was listed as a tanner by profession.
Kent 11/15/17
17-07 Bell Looking for any information on James H. Bell. Born Guernsey, Ohio Dec. 1840 and died in Shasta, California on May 5, 1923. He was a Veteran of the Civil War serving in the 13th Ohio Infantry. Buried in Redding Memorial Park Cemetery on Continental St. Looking for local (Shasta County) information about this veteran or connecting with his descendants. Thank you! Deborah 10/02/17
17-06 Cuneo The death index lists the place of death for John A. Cuneo Jr. in Shasta on 10-17-1937. I do not know if he was visiting or living there because he is buried with his parents in a cemetery close to San Francisco. Perhaps there is something listed in a local newspaper about his death. I was also wondering if he or his father, John Cuneo Sr. owned property in the area. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Beverlly 05/29/17
17-05 Craig, Sheehan Obituary look up for Mary Jane F. Sheehan who died on April 4, 1931. Her death certificate states she died in Redding. She was at one time the postmaster in Copper City. Her husband was Patrick Sheehan. Maiden name Craig. Marge 04/25/17
17-04 Hayden, McDowell I am searching for birth record of Alexander Milton McDowell. I believe he was born in Shasta County on 11 Jan 1899. According to the 1900 Shasta Co Census, his father (also Alexander, mother Amelia Hayden) was working in Shasta County in 1900. Thank you very much for any information you can give me about birth of Alexander Milton McDowell. Joan 04/25/17
17-03 Boyes, Holman, Rose, Witosha David Holman came to Millville about 1855. There is a tax record in 1855 but I need tax records for earlier dates (1852-54) and later dates (56-59). Also any land records during the time frame 1853-1868. I have his homestead record for 1862 and his record for selling property in 1866 and 1867 but he may have owned more land. Am particularly interested in land owned prior to 1860. He married an Indian girl named Symotia Witosha in 1859 and the father's name was "Chief Whitossa or Whitetosha" Any information about the tribal affiliation of either of these would be a big bonus..

My ancestor, David Holman, lived in Millville area from about 1855-1868 and married a Native American Indian named Siamet (Mattie) Whitossa, daughter of a local indian chief, in 1859. She had:
  • a son, Franklin (b. 1857)
  • a daughter, Ellen (b.1864)
  • a daughter Mariah (Roy) b. 1866
  • a son Charles, b. 1869
  • a daughter Lillian, b. 1873
  • a son Edward, b. 1878 (the year of David's death in Surprise Valley)
Ellen and Maria and probably Franklin were born in Millville and they lived next to the Boyes family and the Rose family between 1860-1866. If any one has any information on any of these people I'd be very interested in hearing from you. Thanks in advance
Paul 03/31/17
17-02 Boehmer Obituary lookup: Lee Boehmer, died August 23, 1995 in Shasta County. I would very much appreciate it if anyone would be able to search for and transcribe his obituary. Thanks! Mark 02/13/17
17-01 Plumb, Snyder, Staheli Seek local newspaper articles relating to incident at Keswick from 1899. Articles in the San Francisco Call of September 4 and September 6, 1899 related an attempt to blow up the house of a Mrs. Joseph H. Plumb. The last of the two articles stated that a William H. Snyder was arrested. Documentation of the outcome of any trial is desired as well as any other articles relating to the Plumb family of Keswick. Mrs. Plumb remarried to Charles F. Staheli. Her 1927 obituary is thankfully available in the website. Russ 01/03/17