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The donation of new information for display is solicited. But due to constraints imposed by our mission and website storage limits, not all offered data can be accepted. Please contact the Sierra County Coordinator before sending anything. Any posted data and collections can have a separate copyright notice indicating that such material appears here courtesy of the contributor. Such posted information will be removed if, at a later time, the contributor so requests. All other donated data and material will remain with CAGenWeb (i.e., unlimited right to display and distribute).

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3rd Party Product Acknowledgements

The clip art files that include "DoverPubCopyright2006" in the file names are owned and copyrighted by Dover Publications Inc. They are included in this web site on a royalty-free basis under license to Richard L. Hanson, a purchaser of their publication 1268 Old-Time Cuts and Ornaments Cd-Rom and Book (copyrighted and published in 2006). The included Dover clip art can continue to be used in this web site under succeeding County Coordinators. But they cannot be used in other web sites or publications without permission from Dover Publications Inc. Usage of this clip art is planned for a future version of this web site.