Listed below are categorized sets of links to websites containing useful genealogical information relevant to Sierra County.

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Sierra County Biographies

Short biographies of Sierra County residents posted by researchers. Hosted by the CAGenWeb Archives Project.

Short Histories of Sierra County

Some biographies and many short histories of Sierra County posted by researchers. Note that the histories contain many resident names. Hosted by the CAGenWeb Archives Project.


Stone Quarries

Describes the stone quarries active in Sierra County (1906-1947). Includes some names plus a 1916 map of Sierra and nearby counties. Created by Peggy and George Perazzo.

Cemetery Records

Sierra County Tomestone Transcription Project

Contains marker transcriptions for a large number of Sierra County cemeteries. Sponsored by the USGenWeb Tombstone Project.

CAGenWeb Cemetery Listing

Grave listings for various cemeteries in Sierra County. Hosted by the CAGenWeb Archives Project.


1852 California Census

Follow the steps below to locate the census on

  • Create a free user id if you don’t already have one, and log in.
  • Select “USA, Canada, and Mexico” from the Browse by Location list.
  • Select “Census and Lists” on the subsequently displayed screen.
  • Then select “California, State Census, 1852”.


Rutishauser Letters

A set of personal letters written by a dying patient in the Downieville Hospital and his family living in Queen City from November 1903 to February 1904. Contains a lot of gossip about the happenings in northern Sierra County and Downieville. Mentions many residents by name. Overall, the letters tell a tragic story.

Land Records

Index to Federal Land Records for Sierra County

This BLM land patents database contains the following information for each land transaction: date, location (township, range, section, meridian), name of person the land was patented to, case type, conveyance type, county, case number and the patent document identification number. Using this information, you can obtain a copy of the patent file from the National Archives for a fee. Dates range from the mid-1800s to 1923. The link downloads a PDF file.

BLM Search

Bureau of Land Management’s search screen for general land office records.

Military-related Records

WWI Draft & WWII Army Enlistee Lists for Sierra County

A small collection hosted by the California GenWeb Archives Project.


Obituaries for Sierra County

Contains short obituaries for Sierra County residents posted by researchers. This collection is hosted by theCalifornia GenWeb Archives Project.

Memorial & Bio. History of Northern California 1891

Short obituaries from the book A Memorial & Biographical HIstory of Northern California. Published by Lewis Publishing Company of Chicago in 1891. Posted on the CAGenWeb website.

Vital Records

California Birth Index

List of birth records for 1905-95. Sends you to a volunteer-lookup request form, courtesy of Placer County CAGenWeb.

California Birth Index

List of death records for 1905-95. Posted on Family Tree Legends.

California Death Index

List of death records for 1940-97. Posted on RootsWeb.

California Death Index

List of death records for 1940-97. Posted on Family Tree Legends.

California Dept. of Public Health

Describes how to order paper copies of vital records (e.g., birth, death, marriage, divorce).


California County Biographies and Histories

This CAGenWeb site includes numerous publications in county-specific lists. In many cases the name index is listed on the web site. There is also a master surname index and search that covers all the publications. Some lookup volunteers are also available.