June 26-27, 2015

Made various modifications to ensure all references to the California chapter are depicted as CAGenWeb. Corrected various links.

January 15, 2013

Added historic photos. Photos displayed by HTML5 code created by the tool Exhibeo.

January 13, 2013

A new and improved web site created using the tool FreewayPro. New information added for most pages. Historical photos not included. Will be added at a later date.


Various minor corrections. Added a link to WorldCat.


Various minor corrections. Added new links.


Recreated the website using the tool iWeb. Surname index for the Sinnott Downieville book posted. Added county boundry change maps. Various other additions and corrections.


A completely redesigned Sierra County web site replaces the prior one. Surname index for the Sinnott Over North in Sierra County book posted. Various other additions and corrections.

November 2008

Richard L. Hanson becomes the County Coordinator, updates the web site to reflect that change and begins work on a complete redesign of it.

February 2008

After the death of Chuck Knuthson, Richard S. Wilson (State Coordinator for California) becomes the County Coordinator.

September 1999

Chuck Knuthson becomes County Coordinator.

October 1996

Patricia Rowell (Penn Valley, California) creates the Sierra County site and becomes its first County Coordinator.

July 1996

The first CAGenWeb site comes online. Richard S. Wilson provides free web server space for all CAGenWeb sites.

March 1996

The Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database comes into existence in the form of volunteer-run genealogy web sites providing free, location-specific genealogy information to the public. It serves as a model for a California equivalent, CaGenWeb.

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