Riverside County, California
Families & Genealogies

Hello fellow researchers! This is the place for you to share your family's
info with others. Below, you'll find some ideas of the types of items that
will be posted here. Please read the Guidelines for Submissions.
They should answer most questions you may have about submissions.
Also, you can get a feel for what this section is about by visiting
the first pages of submissions below.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Types of Items Accepted

  • Transcriptions of old family letters are welcome!

  • Lineages of families who have lived in Riverside County.

  • Reunion notices that aren't copyrighted. (Items published since 1921 are still under copyright.) Family records of these events or ABSTRACTS of published notices are welcome.

  • Information recorded in family funeral books.

  • Scanned images of old photographs. Professional portraits done since 1921 are copyrighted. However, photos taken by family members are welcome.

  • Other types of family information not covered by message boards or listed here. If you have an item that doesn't fit one of the categories listed here, email me with a description. I'm sure there are many more types of interesting things to share.

Family Submissions

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