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Brief History of San Luis Obispo County California

In 1542 two small ships sailed the 
coast under the command of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and the flag of Spain. Later, well known explorers inCalifornia were Sir Francis Drake in 1579 and Sebastian Vizcaino in 1603. Much later, in 1769, the King of 
Spain sent sea and land expeditions to occupy California for Spain. Don Gaspar de Portola, leader of the land party, entered what is now San Luis Obispo County on September 2, 1769. Father Serra founded the fifth California Mission at San Luis Obispo in 1772. San Miguel Mission was established in 1797.Father Serra founded the fifth California Mission at San Luis Obispo in 1772. San Miguel Mission was established in 1797. In 1822 California declared its independence from Spain. In 1825 Mexico claims California as a territory. Mexico ceded California to the United States in 1848, ending the war between theUnited States and Mexico.

In 1850 
California became the 31st state, and San Luis Obispo was created one of the 27 original counties. 1861 brought stagecoaches to the county on their runs between San Francisco and Los Angeles. In 1886 the railroad reached as far south as San Miguel and Paso Robles. Not until 1894 did the railroad reach the city of San Luis Obispo because of the rugged terrain of the Cuesta Ridge.

1874 Map of San Luis Obispo County ~ Includes Land Owners

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SLO County Coordinators: Linda L Donnelly & Martha A Crosley Graham

Linda & Martha both live in San Luis Obispo County

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