Solano County

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Grant L. Allen, a member of the board of trustees of the city of Benicia and proprietor of a well established bottling works in that city, manufacturer of popular beverages and dealer in ice, is a native son of California and all his life has been spent here on the bay. He was born in the city of San Francisco on August 16, 1879, and in the schools of that city had his schooling. Upon leaving school he began working in the Mare Island navy yard, apprenticed boiler maker, and continued connected with the operations of that institution until his resignation in 1913, he then long having been rated as a boiler maker of the first class.

Upon leaving the navy yard Mr. Allen became employed as "outside" man for the Benicia Water Company and was thus engaged for seven years, or until in 1921, when he became the manager of the affairs of the Benicia-Martinez Ferry Company. In the following year (1922) he became engaged in business on his own account, establishing himself in Benicia as a manufacturer of carbonated waters and beverages of this sort. Mr. Allen has a well equipped plant at 42 East Eye street and is doing well, the quality of the products of this plant having specially commended the same to the taste of discriminating buyers of flavored waters. He also is the local agent for the distribution in and about Benicia of the Green Valley spring water and for the sale of the products of the Marine Ice Company. Mr. Allen is a republican and since 1922 has been representing his ward on the board of city trustees.

Grant L. Allen married Miss Luvean Cenda, who was born in Solano county, and they have one child, a daughter, Emma. Mr. and Mrs. Allen are members of the local chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. Mr. Allen is a Scottish Rite (32) Mason and a noble of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, affiliated with Ben Ali temple at Sacramento. He is widely known in and about Benicia and in the performance of the duties of city trustee is able to utilize a thorough acquaintance with local conditions and of the needs of the community along municipal lines.

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