Solano County

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Marshall H. Allred, a well established realtor of Vallejo and widely known in general business circles throughout this region, is a Hoosier by birth but has been a resident of California for nearly forty years, the greater part of which time has been spent at Vallejo, and he thus is thoroughly familiar with conditions here, for he has watched the development of this section of the state during the progress of what may be regarded as the "modern" period of that development and therefore knows just how it was brought about. Mr. Allred was born in the picturesque old village of Fairmount in Grant county, Indiana, May 10, 1857, and is a son of Moses and Elizabeth (Cruthers) Allred, natives of North Carolina, who had established their home at Fairmount in 1854. Moses Allred rendered service as a soldier of the Union during the time of the Civil war and in one of the battles in which he was engaged was shot through the hips, sustaining a wound from which he never fully recovered, and his death occurred in 1869. His widow survived him for many years, her death occurring in 1892.

As will be observed by comparison of above dates, Marshall H. Allred was but twelve years of age when his soldier father died, and he early decided to get out and "hustle" for himself. When fourteen years of age he was given a job as fireman on a local railroad and when fifteen-was running an engine. After eighteen months of service in this latter capacity he entered the railway machine shop and became a competent all round machinist. Thus equipped with a trade he started out as a journeyman machinist and was thus engaged for some years, his travels taking him into most all the important cities in the country.

On December 12, 1887, Mr. Allred arrived in the city of San Francisco and on that same day went to work as the engineer of a pile driver outfit that was working in that city on a big job of construction work. For ten years he worked as a stationary engineer in San Francisco, his last employment there being as chief engineer in the plant of the Mutual Electric Light Company. In 1897 he became employed as an engineer in the operations of the Mare Island navy yard and was thus employed until in 1900, when he became engaged in business at Vallejo, opening there a bicycle and gun store, a concern which he presently developed into a general furniture store and along this line he continued in business until in 1910, when he closed out his mercantile establishment and has since been devoting himself to the general realty business, with present offices at 305 Virginia street, and has done very well, one of the veteran realtors in this section of the state. In addition to his general realty interests here Mr. Allred has other interests of a substantial character, including some profitable gold mine holdings.

On March 28, 1891, in the city of Oakland, M. H. Allred was united in marriage to Miss Azelia Bratt, who was born in the state of Iowa, and they have a pleasant home at Vallejo. Mr. Allred has a wide connection with local fraternal circles and is a past noble grand of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, past captain of the local canton, Patriarchs Militant, of that order; a past foreman of the Brotherhood of American Yeomen and a past vice commander and keeper of records of the Knights of Maccabees. He also is affiliated with the Woodmen of the World and with the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He and Mrs. Allred are republicans and have ever given proper attention to the general civic interests of the city in which they long have made their home and in which they are very pleasantly situated.

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