Solano County

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The necessity of earning a livelihood as well as a desire to travel during his younger years gave Mr. Andrews a comprehensive idea of much of our country, both east and west, and when eventually he settled in Napa as a permanent resident it was with a thorough appreciation of the advantages offered by the little town. Since then his affection for his home town has grown with the passing years. Here his married life has been happily passed and here for a long period prior to his retirement his business activities centered. Many of the friends of his earlier days in the city have passed into the great beyond, but there still remain some of his old friends to brighten with their friendly greetings the declining days of his useful existence, and there are also the younger generations of residents who unite in giving him the respect and esteem merited by his kind heart and patriotic spirit.

As a boy Mr. Andrews became familiar with conditions in the part of England where he lived and where his birth occurred, near Penzance. Cornwall, July 15, 1835. Attendance at school was followed by apprenticeship to the trade of miller, and at the completion of his time he crossed the ocean to the United States in 1854, afterward working at his trade in Rochester, N. Y., Lewistown and Allegheny, Pa., as well as other eastern cities. During the spring of 1858 he joined an expedition that started across the plains to California. Twelve wagons formed the train and continued on the tedious journey for almost six months, when finally the little group of emigrants happily landed at their destination. The young English miller soon found employment at his trade in Stockton. From there he went to Nevada City, Nevada county, to work in a mill, and later was similarly occupied at Millville, Shasta county.

About that time gold was discovered in mines in British Columbia and Mr. Andrews was induced to resign his position in the mill for the purpose of joining a party of Argonauts bound for the north. On his arrival he engaged in mining, but met with no special good fortune. During the spring of 1863 he went to Nevada and engaged in mining in Humboldt county, but luck was against him so he abandoned mining at the expiration of eighteen months. The year 1864 found him in Napa, where he resumed work at the millers' trade and for fourteen years he continued in the same business. It was about 1878 when he retired from the occupation to which had been given so much of his youth and early manhood. Immediately afterward he engaged in the grocery business in Napa and for thirty two years he carried on a large and important trade, having for a time S. M. Tool as a partner. During 1884 R. P. Lamdin became a partner in the store and the two men continued together for twenty-seven years, the dissolution of the partnership being occasioned by the desire of Mr. Andrews to retire from all business activities. It was on the 8th of February, 1911 that he gave up his connection with the grocery and retired to private life, taking with him the esteem of the people in whose midst for so many years he had carried on business with scrupulous honesty and fair dealings. With his wife, who was Miss Annie Neville, and their daughter, Caroline, he enjoys the friendship of a large circle of acquaintances and is a welcomed guest in the most select society of the place. Since the year 1866 he ha been identified with Masonry and during that long period he has exemplified the teachings of the order by his spirit of philanthropy and brotherly kindness.

SOURCE: The History Of Solano And Napa Counties With Biographical Sketches Of The Leading Men And Women Of The Counties Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth And Development From The Early Days To The Present Time. Tom Gregory. Los Angeles: Historic Record Publishing, 1912. 1044pp.

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