Solano County

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Reference has been made elsewhere in this work to the success achieved by considerable numbers of Azorians who years ago recognized the possibilities of dairying and general farming on this side of the bay and who have in the years since then done much to develop the agricultural interests and the dairy industry of Solano and Napa counties. Among these industrious natives of the far away Azores islands who have done well in their operations here is Ameil Azevedo, who resides near Vallejo.

Mr. Azevedo came here when he was eighteen years of age and has been a resident of California for more than forty years. He was born in the Azores islands in the east Atlantic, January 15, 1866, and is a son of John and Rosa Azevedo, both also native Azorians and both long since deceased. The father was a farmer and Ameil Azevedo grew up trained in the ways of farming, remaining at home until 1884, when he came to California, attracted by the favorable reports of conditions here. He settled in the Vallejo neighborhood and took up work as a farm hand. Five years after his arrival he saw his way clear to begin operations on his own behalf, and he rented a small farm and began to work for himself. In 1903 his affairs had progressed so far that he found himself in a posi-tion to buy land, and in that year he bought his first tract. In July, 1912, he purchased the fine tract on which he is now living on the Blue Rock Springs road, and he and his family have since resided there, comfortably and pleasantly situated. In addition to his home tract of eight hundred and fifteen acres, Mr. Azevedo owns other land in the neighborhood, his total holdings comprising nearly two thousand acres, and he thus is one of Solano county's well established landowners. Besides his general farming operations he also is engaged in dairying on a considerable scale and has a herd of about one hundred fine dairy cows, his sons now being valued aids to him in his activities.

Ameil Azevedo was united in marriage to Miss Julia Silva, who also was born in the Azores but who has been a resident of California since she was three years of age. They have six sonsóJoseph, Manuel, John, William, Anthony and Ralph, all of whom were born in Solano county. The Azevedos are republicans and have ever given their thoughtful attention to the community's general civic affairs and good works. Mr. Azevedo is a member of the popular Portuguese societies, the U. P. E. C. and the S. C. D. E. C, and has long been regarded as among the leaders in the activities of those compatriotic organizations.

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