Solano County

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James M. Barkley, a member of the board of trustees of the city of Benicia and one of the best known educators in this section of the state, has been a teacher for years and is at present vice principal of the Armijo high school at Fairfield. Mr. Barkley is a native son of California. He was born in the neighboring county of Contra Costa, December 22, 1885, and his early education was finished in the Brentwood high school in that county. He afterward entered the University of California and in 1914 was graduated from that institution, following this by a year of postgraduate work in the university, majoring in history and economics.

Upon leaving the university Mr. Barkley was engaged as teacher of history and economics in the Benicia high school and was also given charge of the department of commercial forms, thus serving at the time this country entered the World war in the spring of 1917. He was connected with the manufacturing firm of Kullmann, Salz & Company in 1918, and when word came to speed up all industries this big leather concern sent him to New York to take under government direction some special training in employment management and personnel work, and under the directions there received he rendered effective service in the industrial field here during the period of the war. Upon the completion of that work, in 1920, Mr. Barkley resumed his activities in the school room and has since been serving as vice principal of the Armijo high school at Fairfield, the county seat, being teacher of history and economics there and head coach in the department of high school athletics. He retains his home at Benicia, however. In 1924 Mr. Barkley was elected to represent his ward on the board of trustees of the city and is now serving in that capacity, giving his earnest attention to such municipal problems as have arisen during this incumbency.

In 1914, at Berkeley, James M. Barkley was united in marriage to Miss Frieda Zacker, who was born in North Dakota but has been a resident of California since 1907, and they have two children: James M. Barkley, Jr.; and Eleanor M. Mrs. Barkley, herself a graduate (1914) of the University of California, is a teacher in the Benicia high school. The Barkleys have a pleasant home at the corner of Second and K streets and give their interested attention to the general social and cultural activities of the city and the community at large. Mr. Barkley is a Mason and both he and his wife are members of the local chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. He also is affiliated with the local organization of the Sciots, is one of the county members of the bay section of the California Teachers Association, and is one of the two members from Benicia of the republican county central committee.

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