Solano County

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Few of the veteran ranchmen of the Suisun neighborhood have been longer established there or have a wider and better acquaintance throughout this section of California than has Louis Bidstrup, a well-to-do landowner and the proprietor of an admirably improved place on the Rio Vista road a mile east of Suisun, his ranch long having been recognized as one of the most attractive, from the general viewpoint of improvement and upkeep, in this delightful valley. Though of European birth Mr. Bidstrup has been a resident of California for more than forty years, having been a farmer here since the early '80s, and he has thus taken part in the development that has brought this region up to its present high standing in general agricultural, fruit growing and stock raising circles, for that development has practically all been accomplished during the period of his residence here.

Louis Bidstrup was born in Denmark, December 11, 1858, and was there reared, from the days of his boyhood being well trained in agricultural and dairying operations. When he was twenty-three years of age he came to California, arriving at Suisun in May, 1882, with one dollar remaining of the fund he had accumulated to bring him here. He found ready employment on local ranches in this neighborhood and was thus engaged at farm labor for four years. At the end of that time, in association with his brother, Peter Bidstrup, who meanwhile had joined him here, he became engaged in farming on his own account, the brothers leasing a tract of land east of Suisun. Following his brother's death Louis Bidstrup conducted the place alone and presently became a landowner in his own right. Since then he has added to his holdings until now he is the proprietor of a fine ranch of one hundred and ten acres on the Rio Vista road just east of Suisun, where he has what may be considered a model farm. Formerly and for years he gave particular attention to his dairying operations, but not long ago he sold his dairy herd and has since then been largely interested in sheep, maintaining a fine flock on his place. He is ably assisted in his general activities there by his elder son, Charles Bidstrup, who continues to make his home on the ranch. Mr. Bidstrup is an active member of the Solano County Farm Bureau and ever since the organization of that influential body has done what he could do to advance its interests and thus promote the general welfare of the farming community. He has for years also been one of the active members of the local lodge of the Knights of Pythias at Suisun, is a past chancellor commander of that lodge and has twice represented it in the grand lodge of the state of California, thus having a wide acquaintance in Pythian circles throughout the state.

In 1888, at Oakland, California, Louis Bidstrup was united in marriage to Miss Ottoline Nelson, who also was born in Denmark and who has been a resident of California since her young womanhood. They have four children: Mrs. Gertrude Cass, of Oakland; Mrs. Luella Lusarde, of Berkeley; Charles, mentioned above; and Edward, who is a resident of the city of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Bidstrup also have five grandchildren, in whom they take much pride and delight, and their family is thus now represented in this country in the third generation.

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