Solano County

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Robert H. Brown, proprietor of the Samuel Brown Meat Company at Vallejo, the oldest establishment of its kind in the city and one of the oldest continuing meat shops in California, is a native of Vallejo and has always made that place his home, being one of the best known men in this section of the state. Mr. Brown was born August 31, 1861, and is a son of Samuel and Catherine (Morris) Brown, pioneers of Vallejo, the latter of whom died in 1895. She was the mother of six children. The late Samuel Brown, founder of the business now carried on at Vallejo by his son Robert, came to California in 1857, arriving at San Francisco on the steamer Black Warrior. For some time after coming here he worked in the Mare Island navy yard, was for a while thereafter engaged in ranching and then, in 1868, embarked in the retail meat business at Vallejo, opening a shop there that has been maintained ever since, the business life of the Brown meat shop thus now covering a period of nearly sixty years. Samuel Brown died in 1906 and at his passing left a good memory, for he was one of the builders of the town. He had taken an active interest in the development of the city and in its general civic affairs and had rendered public service as president of the board of town trustees.

Reared at Vallejo, Robert H. Brown completed his schooling in St. Mary's College at San Francisco, and as a young man he became interested with his father in the retail meat business and in the development of the Samuel Brown Meat Company. Following his father's death in 1906 he took over the business and has since been conducting it successfully. His establishment is equipped in accordance with the strictest demands of modern usage and his wares have for many years been sought hy discriminating buyers.

In 1886 Robert H. Brown was united in marriage to Miss Jennie M. Guffy, who died August 3, 1923. Mr. Brown is a democrat and has long taken an interested part in local civic affairs. When the public library board was created at Vallejo he was elected a trustee and in that capacity rendered effective service.

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