Solano County

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The gentleman whose name appears at the head of this sketch is widely known as one of the principal automobile dealers of the Suisun valley, being the owner of a fine, up to date garage and salesroom in Suisun. By close and painstaking attention to his business, square dealing and courteous treatment of his customers, he has gained a fine standing among his business contemporaries and is well liked throughout the community.

Edward W. Buzzini was born in San Francisco, California, on the 31st day of July, 1889, and is the son of Isirel and Johannah (Emig) Buzzini, the former of whom was a Swiss-Italian and the latter a German by nativity. The father, with four of his brothers, came to the United States in young manhood, and the mother came to this country in company with a brother, meeting and marrying Mr. Buzzini in San Francisco. The father engaged in the liquor business in that city, but later disposed of the business and in 1893 came to Suisun and took over the operation of a hotel, which commanded his attention up to the time of his death, which occurred in 1899. He was survived a number of years by his widow, who passed away in 1919.

Reared at Suisun, Edward W. Buzzini was educated in the public schools of that place and while still a boy went to work. He first learned the butcher trade, at which he was employed about four years. He then operated "rent car" service several years, but in 1919 he disposed of that business and bought an interest in Joseph Slickborg's garage. Sometime later he sold his interest in that business and during the ensuing seven months was engaged in selling automobiles at Vacaville. Then for a while he was engaged in repairing cars at his home but, determining to enlarge his sphere of operations, he bought an old brick building in Vacaville. He tore down this building and hauled the bricks to Suisun, where, on a lot which he had bought, he erected his present modern, fireproof and well arranged garage. After getting his place in shape, he took over the agency for the Chrysler, Studebaker and Chevrolet cars, in the handling of which he has been quite successful. He employs four men in the storage and sales departments and his establishment has gained an enviable reputation as a reliable house. Mr. Buzzini gives his support to the republican party and is deeply interested in all public questions affecting the general welfare. He stands for law and order and the best things in community life and enjoys an enviable standing in the confidence and respect of the people of his community.

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