Solano County

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It may be said that among the successful young business men of Vacaville Joseph Caligiuri enjoys a conspicuous place, for he has shown great energy in the performance of his duties and business ability of a high order, because of which he has risen to a high place in the esteem of the people of this community. Mr. Caligiuri is a native of Vacaville, where he was born on the 18th day of April, 1900, the son of Angelo and Rose (Greco) Caligiuri. The father came to California about 1895, his wife joining him here later, and he is now a prominent and successful fruit grower near Vacaville.

Joseph Caligiuri attended the public schools and had two years of high school work, following which he took a course in the Oakland Business College. His first employment was in the office of the Buck Company, where he remained one season, and then for three years was with the Vacaville Fruit Growers Association. Then for a time he devoted himself to work on his father's farm, after which he was an inspector for one season for the Apricot and Prune Growers Association. He then went to Suisun and was employed as a bookkeeper by the Pioneer Fruit Company two seasons, at the end of which time he was sent to Vacaville as that company's agent and is still acting in that capacity. He has shown great aptitude for the position which he occupies, as he thoroughly understands every detail of the fruit business and his business training prepared him for the responsibilities which are now his. He is a young man of fine character and personal qualities, has a wide acquaintance throughout this section of the county and is exceedingly popular in the circles in which he moves. Mr. Caligiuri gives his support to the republican party on general political issues, while in local elections he votes according to his judgment as to the fitness of the candidates for office. Fraternally, he is a member of the Knights of Pythias.

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