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Among the numerous Azorians who have attained large success in their agricultural and other operations in California and who have become substantial and dependable citizens of Solano and Napa counties, the name of Antone E. Catraio, proprietor of fine ranches in the American and Jameson canyons on the Green valley road in the vicinity of Cordelia, deserves special mention. Mr. Catraio came here a little more than a quarter of a century ago, a poor boy unacquainted with the language and the customs of the country in which he had chosen to make his home, and by dint of hard labor and close application he has accumulated some fine pieces of property and now, in the very prime of his life, is able to live retired from active labor, in calm enjoyment of the fruits of his industry.

Antone E. Catraio was born in the island of Sao Jorge in the Azores group, December 26, 1881, and is a son of Joseph and Annie Catraio, who are still living there, the former now (1925) being in the eighty-ninth year of his age. In the days of his youth Joseph Catraio sailed to San Francisco, before the advent of the railroad, and leaving his vessel in that port he became a participant in the scramble for gold which at that time ' was in progress in this state. For nine years he remained in California, and he then returned to his native islands, where, after his marriage, he settled down and where he ever since has made his home.

It was probably due to the favorable stories of California life which he heard from his father that Antone E. Catraio early decided to come to California. He arrived here when he was fifteen years of age and became employed in dairy work in Napa county. That was in 1897. For eighteen months he remained there, meantime securing a working knowledge of English and becoming familiar with dairying operations as applied to this trade area. He next went to San Mateo county, where he was employed in dairies until the spring of 1907, when, being in his twenty-sixth year, he came to Solano county and leased a tract of land in Green valley and began dairying on his own account. His affairs prospered and it was not long until he became a landowner in his own right, owning a good ranch on the Green valley road about a mile out of Cordelia. As his affairs continued to prosper Mr. Catraio gradually added to his holdings there until he became the owner of 1,646 acres, being accounted one of the large dairymen and cattlemen in the county. He built a comfortable residence on the home place and he and his wife are now living there, very pleasantly situated. Though not by any means inactive, for his various interests keep him agreeably occupied, Mr. Catraio is living practically retired from the activities of his ranches, though he still retains his interest in his herd, and he now finds his principal diversion in the cultivation of a fine orchard which he has developed on his land.

In early manhood Mr. Catraio was united in marriage to Miss Isabel Suares, who also was born in the Azores. Mr. and Mrs. Catraio are republicans and have ever given their earnest attention to local civic affairs, being helpful in many ways in promoting such measures as have been designed to advance the common welfare in the community in which they live.

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