Solano County

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In the last twenty years the various branches of drugless healing have made remarkable strides, gaining in popular favor and confidence. Among these, the science of chiropractic has undoubtedly made the greatest advance, being now recognized legally in the majority of the states of the Union. Among the practitioners of this science in central California, Dr. Shelly H. Cornell is widely recognized as one of the most efficient and successful, enjoying a large and steadily increasing practice at Vallejo. Dr. Cornell was born in Scio, Oregon, on the second day of September, 1882, and is the son of Hay den and Elizabeth Jane (Kaiser) Cornell, both now deceased and the former of whom was for many years engaged in business in Oregon.

Shelly H. Cornell completed his local education in the high school of his native city and then entered the California Chiropractic College, at San Francisco, where, after four years' study, he received the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic, Philosopher of Chiropractic and Master of Chiropractic. He has been a deep and constant student of his profession and has taken postgraduate work since leaving his alma mater. For awhile after his graduation he was engaged in practice in San Francisco, but in 1920 he came to Vallejo, establishing offices in the F. & H. building, where he has continued to the present time. He has been very successful and enjoys a large and lucrative practice among the representative people of his community.

Doctor Cornell married Miss Naomi Bates, a native of Iowa, and they have a daughter, Naomi. The Doctor gives his support to the republican party and takes a commendable interest in the public affairs of the community, giving his earnest support to every movement for the betterment of the city along material, civic or moral lines. He is a lover of outdoor life, his favorite recreation being golf. Genial and friendly, though unassuming, he has won a high standing in the esteem and confidence of the entire community.

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