Solano County

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Enos C. Dana, for the past ten years a member of the board of trustees of the city of Benicia and also a member of the local board of education, is one of the most substantial and best known citizens of that flourishing little city on the bay. He is an Azorian by birth but has been a resident of California since the days of his boyhood, a period of over forty years. Mr. Dana was born on the island of Corvo in the Azores group, April 26, 1867, and there resided until he was sixteen years of age, when he came to the United States, landing at the port of Boston. After three weeks spent in that city, he came to California and became employed at farm labor in the vicinity of Benicia. He presently found himself in a position to begin farming operations on his own account and after his marriage established his home on a farm near Benicia. His affairs prospered and he gradually added to his landholdings there until he became the owner of a fine ranch of three hundred and thirty-five acres. On this place he continued to make his home until 1914, when he sold the ranch and moved into the town, where he since has resided, he and his family being very comfortably situated at No. 921 First street.

Upon his retirement from the farm Mr. Dana made some judicious investments in local real estate, and he has developed interests along that line which place him among the well circumstanced men of the community. He has ever given his earnest attention to local civic affairs and to movements dealing with the development of the material interests of his home town, and since 1915 he has been rendering effective public service as a member of the board of trustees of the well directed municipality. He also has served as a member of the board of directors of the Benicia Chamber of Commerce and is regarded as one of the real town builders and "boosters." During the time of this country's participation in the World war he was a member of the local chapter of the American Red Cross and in that behalf rendered valuable service. He also has long been interested in local educational affairs and is now serving as a member of the city school board. His participation for many years in the affairs of the two popular Portuguese societies, I. D. E. S. and U. P. E. C, ranks him as among the veteran and influential members of these compatriotic organizations, and he is the present secretary of the former and treasurer of the latter. The Benicia lodge of the I. D. E. S. now has a membership of nearly one hundred and fifty and owns, free of debt, its own lodge hall, a building erected in 1915 at a cost of twelve thousand dollars. Mr. Dana has served as president of both of these organizations and has been an influential personal factor in the development of their growing interests.

On April 26, 1899, Enos C. Dana was united in marriage to Miss Armina T. Noronha, who was born in the city of San Francisco in 1879, and they have two children: Mrs. Blanche L. Silvera, now living at Walnut Creek in the neighboring county of Contra Costa; and Gerald I. Dana, who is now (1926) a student in the Benicia high school.

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