Solano County

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Lerton S. Denius of the C. L. Winchell Hardware Company, proprietors of the old established Winchell hardware store at Vallejo, a director of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce and one of the best known and most widely experienced merchants in this section of California, is a Hoosier by birth, a fact of which he has never ceased to be proud, but is a citizen of California by choice, a resident of Vallejo for almost twenty years, and thus has been a definite figure in the general commercial life of this community during the period of its most progressive development and an active participant in the labors which have brought that development about.

Mr. Denius was born in Henry county, Indiana, January 23, 1873, and was there reared in one of the most highly favored sections of the Hoosier state, for there are few spots in the middle west country that are more highly favored both by nature and by man than that section comprised within the boundaries of Henry county. As a young man he became familiar with commercial forms and presently became employed as a traveling salesman for Armour & Company, the great Chicago meat packing concern, traveling out of Kansas City, Missouri. For seven or eight years he had his headquarters at Kansas City and then for three years was located at Omaha, later having his headquarters at Chicago, where he remained until in 1903. He was there connected with Allen & Lewis, wholesale grocers of Portland, Oregon, until 1908, in which year he established his residence at Vallejo, where he since has had his home, quite content to "settle down" after his many years of almost incessant traveling. During the years of his service "on the road" Mr. Denius covered no fewer than thirty-eight states of the Union besides three of the Canadian provinces, and on these repeated commercial tours acquired a pretty comprehensive acquaintance with conditions in this county - as well as in the neighboring dominion.

Upon taking up his residence in Vallejo, Mr. Denius became employed in the affairs of the old established Winchell Hardware Company, a concern that was founded in Vallejo in 1885 by the late M. G. Winchell, father of Charles L. Winchell, Mr. Denius' present associate in business, and which has ever borne the Winchell name, a name that has stood for commercial dependability in this community now for more than forty years, as is narrated elsewhere in this work, together with further information regarding the coming of the Winchells to Vallejo almost sixty years ago. In 1906 Mr. Denius married Miss Pearl W. Winchell, daughter of Charles L. Winchell, and his interest in the management of the hardware store with which he so long has been connected thus became personal. In 1908 he became a partner in the business, in association with Charles L. Winchell, son and successor of the founder of the concern, and the business of the old Winchell Hardware Company now is carried on under the name of the C. L. Winchell Hardware Company, one of the best established commercial enterprises in the county. Mr. Denius has taken an interested and helpful part in the general social, civic and commercial affairs of the community ever since he took up his permanent residence here and his experience and public spirit have been influential factors in local development work. He is a member of the board of directors of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce, is an active member of the locally influential and representative Rotary Club and is also a director of the local branch of the Young Men's Christian Association.

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