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There is no earthly station higher than the ministry of the Gospel, and no life can be more uplifting or grander than that which is devoted to the amelioration of the human race. Among the able, successful and popular pastors of Solano county none takes precedence over the Rev. Father Michael J. Doyle, who is ministering to the spiritual needs of St. Peter's Roman Catholic church at Dixon. Since coming to this parish he has, by his faithful and conscientious efforts, greatly stimulated the various activities of this religious community, building up the membership, increasing the attendance at the religious services and leading the church in a larger application of its mission and possibilities as a potential factor in the betterment of the community. At the same time, Father Doyle's ability, activity and fine personal qualities have won for him a high standing throughout the community and the respect and esteem of all who know him, irrespective of creed.

Michael J. Doyle was born in County Wicklow, Ireland, where he was educated, and studied for the priesthood. He was ordained to the priesthood at St. Patrick's College, Carlow, Ireland, and then came to the United States. He then entered the Catholic University at Washington, D. C, where he took a two-year postgraduate course. His first active parish work was as assistant pastor of St. Peter's church in San Francisco, where he remained from 1910 to 1918, and then, for four years, served in a similar capacity at St. Philip's church in San Francisco. He had demonstrated ability and energy of a high order in these two parishes and in 1922 was appointed to his first independent charge, that of St. Peter's at Dixon, where he has continued to the present time. -He also serves Vacaville and Elmira and in his pastoral work covers a district of twenty square miles.

St Peter's Roman Catholic church at Dixon is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Solano county, having been founded in 1877 by Father Ward. In the late '60s religious services were held in the old hall which still stands close by the church. The present beautiful and dignified edifice was built under the pastorate of Father P. J. O'Connor in 1916, at a cost of twenty thousand dollars. The pastors following Father Ward were, in order, John Neugent, C. O'Connor, R. Becker, D. O. Crowley, P. Heslin, Lally P. Griffin, F. Garvey, M. Scanlon and M. Concannon. Father Doyle is a member of the Dixon Community Council. He keeps in close touch with the great issues of the day, on which he holds positive convictions. He is a man of courage in his views and fearless in their utterance. He is an earnest and eloquent speaker, his sermons are able and thoughtful, and his personality is of that type that wins the favorable opinion of all who come in contact with him. A man of scholarly attainments, ripe judgment and consecrated to his calling, he has been a power for good in his community, where his self-abnegating services have been fully appreciated. With a heart of gold, a sympathy that is boundless and a love of humanity that is deep rooted in a broad and tolerant appraisal of human nature, his cheerful manner, kindly humor and utter freedom from every form of affectation have endeared him to his entire congregation, while throughout all circles he is held in the highest regard.

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