Solano County

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Arthur H. Draughon, mayor of the city of Vallejo and for years one of the conspicuous figures in the civic life of this county, is a native of the neighboring state of Oregon, born at Haynes in Washington county in the northwestern corner of that state, June 8, 1886, and is a son of Harvey and Julia (Slough,) Draughon, the former of whom died shortly before that date and the latter when the future mayor of Vallejo was three years of age. For some years prior to his death Harvey Draughon had been engaged as a teacher in the schools of Oregon.

After the death of his mother Arthur H. Draughon and his elder brother, a lad of about five years, were sent to the home of an uncle who lived on a ranch in the vicinity of San Angelo in Texas and there he was reared until he was twelve years of age, when he was sent to the home of his grandmother in New Mexico. One day in a spirit of adventure he mounted a horse and started out "to see the world." Soon he met up with a party of drovers who were taking a herd of horses north and for three hundred miles he accompanied them, helping in the drive. He eventually made his way into Indian Territory and there began working on a ranch. While thus engaged he occupied such leisure as he could command in study and after awhile took a course in a business college. He also had further schooling in the state school in Oklahoma and by the time he had reached man's estate had pretty well made up the deficiency in schooling that had marked his childhood. He then became engaged in mechanics and ranching in Texas, giving his particular attention to cattle, and was thus engaged until in 1909 when he closed out his interests in the Lone Star state and returned to his native state of Oregon, becoming engaged at Klamath Falls in that state in survey work. Upon the completion of that contract he came to California and after a brief period of employment in San Francisco became engaged in railway construction work, surveying and grading, a line which he followed for some time and then took on a big timber contract in Mendocino county, an undertaking which occupied his attention until in 1916, when he became employed as a machinist in the plant of the navy yards at Mare Island. He soon was promoted to a supervisory position in the yards and there continued thus engaged until his resignation in 1921 following his nomination for the office of mayor of Vallejo. In the succeeding election he was elected to that important administrative office and is now thus serving the public in that capacity, all his energies being bent on giving the people a strictly business administration. Mayor Draughon is a republican and has long been recognized as one of the leaders of that party not only in the city of Vallejo but throughout the county and district.

On June 25, 1905, at May, Texas, Arthur H. Draughon was united in marriage to Miss Laura Holder of that place, and they have three chil* dren, Roland, Alton and Thelma. The Draughons have a pleasant home at Vallejo and Mr. and Mrs. Draughon take a proper and interested part in the general social affairs of the city and community at large. Mayor Draughon is a York Rite Mason and a noble of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and is also affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and with the Knights of Pythias, to the affairs of all of which popular fraternal bodies he has for years given his earnest and intelligent attention, an office bearer and active worker. He finds his diversions in outdoor recreations and is especially fond of the hunt, one of Solano county's best known sportsmen.

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