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Solano county enjoys the distinction of having retained on its board of supervisors a member who has served continuously as long as any other county supervisor in the state, David M. Fleming, the present president, having rendered service on that board for almost thirty years, a record to which his friends point with pride. Mr. Fleming was elected to represent the Vallejo district on the board of supervisors in 1896. By successive reelections he has been retained on that board and since 1907 has been serving as its president. When it is recalled that all of what may be regarded as the modern improvements that have been made in Solano county, including the erection of the beautiful new court house and county hospital at Fairfield, the miles of permanent highways and many other up-to-date improvements that have been necessitated by the progress of the times, have been brought about during the period comprehended within Mr. Fleming's term of service, it will be realized that he has indeed been a valuable personal factor in the development of this county.

David M. Fleming is a native son of Vallejo and all his life has been spent here. He thus has been a witness to the development of this region from the pioneer period, and the recollections of his boyhood bring to mind conditions far different than those that now afford so noble a scene here. He was born November 11, 1858, on the old Fleming place at the corner of Amador and Fleming streets, where he still resides, and he is a son of John and Annie (Kirby) Fleming, both of whom were born in Ireland but were married here, where they spent the remainder of their lives. For a time after his arrival in California in 1852, John Fleming was located in San Francisco, and then until 1856, he was engaged much of the time in working in the mines. In the latter year after his marriage, he established himself at Vallejo, he and his wife making their home on the site above referred to, and subsequently the street was named in their honor. John Fleming developed a good piece of farm property adjacent to the growing city and was regarded as one of the substantial pioneers of the settlement. He put up on his place the first fences built in Solano county, using redwood posts. He died in 1909 and his wife died in 1884, and their memory still is cherished in the community.

Reared at Vallejo, David M. Fleming attended the local schools and during the days of his young manhood aided in improving and developing the home farm. He was then for some years engaged in the operations of the navy yard, holding a foremanship, and he next embarked in the grocery business at Vallejo, a line which he continued for sixteen years or until some time after taking up his duties on the board of county supervisors. As noted above, it was in 1896 that Mr. Fleming was elected to that board, and he ever since has been rendering service in that important and responsible capacity, being one of the best known men in public service in this section of the state and one of the deans of county supervisors in the state of California. He is a democrat and has for many years been recognized as one of the leaders of that party in Solano county.

In April, 1882, at Vallejo, David M. Fleming was united in marriage to Miss Annie Fleming, a native of Ireland, and to this union were born six children, John, Josephine, David, Edward, Annie and William, the two last named of whom are deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Fleming also have five grandchildren, in whom they take much pride and delight. Though Mrs. Fleming bears the same family name as that of her husband there is no immediate kinship through ties of blood relationship so far as the family records reveal. The Flemings are members of the Roman Catholic church and are earnest supporters of the affairs of the local parish. Mr. Fleming is an active member of the local council of the Knights of Columbus and of the Young Men's Institute and is also affiliated with the local lodge of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks.

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