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Dan Foley, president of the Maid of California Milk Company of Vallejo, a member of the board of directors of the California Dairy Council and one of the foremost figures in the great dairy industry in this state, for years one of the leaders in that line in Solano county, was born at Vallejo and his interests ever have centered in this community. He was born on September 22, 1885, and is a son of John and Joanna (Denehey) Foley, both of whom were natives of Ireland. John Foley, who in his generation was one of the substantial ranchmen and landowners in Solano county and widely known throughout this region, came to California in 1870 and presently became a resident of this county. He was married at Vallejo and established his home on a farm in the immediate vicinity, where he developed a good piece of property and where he spent the remainder of his life, his death occurring there in 1908. His widow survived him for twelve or thirteen years, her death occurring in 1921.

Reared on the home farm in the neighborhood of Vallejo, Dan Foley had his local schooling in the public schools and supplemented this by a course in a business college. He remained on the farm until he had attained his majority, when he went to San Francisco and was there employed for three years or until the death of his father in 1908 when he returned home and as the eldest son of the family took charge of the operations of the home place, he and his brothers presently giving their chief attention to a development of the already considerable dairy operations that long had been carried on there. In 1911, under the name of Foley Bros., they extended these operations to include a general local distribution of milk and other dairy products and as the years passed built up a fine business along that line. In 1911 they merged their interests with those of two other local dairy concerns, the new enterprise carrying on operations as the Golden State Dairy Company, which gave par-ticular attention to the manufacture of a special grade of butter which was marketed under the name of "Maid of California."

The success of this company, based upon the superior quality of its product, was assured from the start and in time the popularity of the "Maid of California" butter became so widely recognized throughout the fine trade area covered by the operations of this company that the firm name was changed to that of the Maid of California Milk Company and the company has since been operating under that name. In this reorganization in 1923 Mr. Foley was reelected president of the company and is thus continuing to serve in that important executive capacity. The great dairy plant of this company at Vallejo is conceded to be one of the best and most up to date establishments for the manufacture of butter in the state of California, all modern machinery having been installed and all processes carried on with a scrupulous regard for sanitary regulations, spotless cleanliness being the rule about the plant. Thirty-five or forty persons are employed in the operations of the company and no fewer than nine trucks are required in the distribution of the products of the plant, which also specializes in the distribution of its celebrated "Maid of California" cottage cream, a product that is in high demand in discriminating circles.

In 1921, at Stockton, California, Dan Foley was united in marriage to Miss Florence Rude, who was born in the state of Washington, and they have one child, a son, Dan Foley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Foley are republicans and take a proper part in the general civic affairs of the community. Mr. Foley has always been an active participant in the upbuilding process of the county in which he was born, a "booster" in every sense of the term, and is one of the alert members of the locally influential Vallejo Rotary Club. He also is an active member of the local lodge of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. As noted above, he is one of the outstanding figures in the dairy industry in this state and as a director of the California Dairy Council has done much to promote that industry and to bring it up to its present gratifying status as one of the basic industries of the state.

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