Solano County

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Thomas R. Foley, vice president of the Maid of California Milk Company of Vallejo and one of the best known men in the dairy industry in this section of California, is a native son of Solano county, a member of one of its old families, and his interests ever have centered here, where he has always resided, save for a period spent in the government employ in Alaska. Mr. Foley was born on the Sulphur Springs farm, in the vicinity of Vallejo, October 3, 1890, and is a son of John and Joanna (Denehey) Foley, the latter of whom was a native of Ireland. John Foley, who became one of the substantial farmers and landowners of this county, was also born in Ireland, and he came to California in 1870. After his marriage he established his home on a farm in the neighborhood of Vallejo and there developed a good piece of property. He died in 1908 and his widow survived him until in 1921.

Reared on the home farm, Thomas R. Foley finished his schooling by attending three years in the Vallejo high school and then became employed in the mechanical department of the Mare Island shipyards. While ' there he became interested in the development of radio transmission and presently was sent to Alaska to help in the installation of a government wireless plant. For two years he remained in Alaska and then returned here and resumed his connection with the operations of the navy yard, being promoted to a foremanship. There he continued in this service for four years, at the end of which time, in 1922, he resigned his position in order to take part in the rapidly developing operations of the Maid of California Milk Company of Vallejo, a concern which had its inception on his home farm and of which his elder brother, Dan Foley, is the president, as is related elsewhere in this work, together with further details regarding this well established dairy products concern, one of the best known in California. From the days of his boyhood Thomas R. Foley has been interested in the development of this dairy industry, and in 1923 he was elected vice president of the company and has since been devoting his entire time to its affairs. The dairy products bearing the Maid of California brand have become recognized as standard products in their line, and the business of the firm operating under this attractive trade name is a continually expanding one.

Mr. Foley was united in marriage to Miss Helen Enright, a native of Vallejo, California, and they have become the parents of two sons and a daughter, namely: Thomas R., Jr., Jack and Jean Helen. As a native son, Mr. Foley has ever been interested in the general development of the community which has always been his home, and he has been a helpful factor in that development along more lines than one, his training and experience making valuable his services in behalf of the extension of those activities designed to advance the general welfare of the people of this favored region.

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