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Gilbert D. Foster, proprietor of a well equipped planing mill and an expert lumber finisher at Vallejo, one of the progressive and enterprising manufacturers of that city, is a native son of California and all his life has been spent in this state, active in the lumber trade since the days of his youth. Mr. Foster was born in the city of Stockton on March 1, 1885, and is a son of Andrew H. and Olive (Littlejohn) Foster, the latter of whom died in 1888, her son Gilbert then being but three years of age. Andrew H. Foster, a veteran of the Civil war and formerly and for years connected with the operations of the navy yard, now living retired at Vallejo, was born in New York and is a member of one of the old colonial families of that state, the Fosters of this line in America having had representation in the Hudson River valley since the middle of the eighteenth century, the progenitor of this line in this country having been a member of the Dutch colony up the Hudson. Andrew H. Foster came to California in 1870 and was a resident of Stockton and of San Francisco until in 1898, when he became connected with the operations of the navy yard and has since had his home in Vallejo, one of the best known residents of that city.

As will be observed by a comparison of above dates, Gilbert D. Foster was thirteen years of age when in 1898 he came to Vallejo with his father, and his schooling was completed in the schools of this city. On May 10, 1900, he then being just past fifteen years of age, he began his. career as a lumberman, on that day taking employment in the plant of the Aden Company at Vallejo. For eleven years he was connected with this concern, during that time becoming thoroughly qualified as a finisher, with particular reference to fine interior work, and then he became employed elsewhere, for ten years thereafter being employed as super-intendent of finishing mills variously at Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego, until in November, 1921, when he returned to Vallejo and here became established in business on his own account, setting up his present planing and finishing mill, and has since been thus engaged. Starting in a modest fashion, Mr. Foster, with the assistance of his wife in charge of the office detail and with the aid of A. D. Starr, his capable foreman of the plant, and a competent force of operatives, has built up a fine business and the products of his plant are in wide demand. He is an experienced designer of interior finish work and has achieved something more than a local reputation along that line. His mill is equipped with thoroughly modern machinery and he also does a large business in general builders supplies, with particular reference to glazing, and most of the fine automobile glazing required in this section is taken care of in his place. Mr. Foster is an active member of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce and takes a warm interest in the community's general affairs, both he and his wife being earnest supporters of all movements having to do with the advancement of the common welfare.

Mr. Foster married Miss Hazel Fawcett of Vallejo and they have one child, a daughter, Lorraine Fawcett Foster. Mr. and Mrs. Foster are republicans and give proper attention to local civic affairs. Mr. Foster is a member of the local lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and of the local tribe of the Improved Order of Red Men. Mrs. Foster was born at Oakland but was reared at Vallejo. Her father, Henry E. Fawcett, a veteran of the Civil war, now living retired at Vallejo, is a Kentuckian by birth, a member of one of the old colonial families, and has been a resident of California for many years. He is an experienced painter and interior decorator, formerly and for years a contractor along those lines, and was thus engaged at Oakland and at San Francisco until in 1895, when he became established in business at Vallejo and thus continued until his retirement. To him and his wife were born five children.

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