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William W. Foster, a veteran member of the bar of Solano county and one of the best known lawyers in this section of California, and who has for years been engaged in the practice of law at Vallejo, is a native of that county and a member of one of the real pioneer families here. He was born on a farm near the town of Dixon, September 1, 1863, and is a son of George W. and Guicey L. (Wall) Foster, the latter of whom was born in Missouri, a daughter of Thomas Wall, and had come to California in 1853. The late George W. Foster, also a native of Missouri, came to California first in 1854 and again in 1858, the second time with the Dave Burris party, driving a drove of cattle across the plains. Mr. Burris settled at Visalia. In due time George W. Foster located on a tract of land in Solano county, the farm above referred to as the birthplace of his son William, and there he established his home and settled down to the difficult task of developing the place. He was one of the real pioneers of the Dixon neighborhood. From the beginning he concentrated on good farming, and it was not long until he became recognized as one-of -Cali-fornia's leading agriculturists, his operations along that line proving very successful. He also took an active and interested part in general development work here and thus became a personal factor in the creation of proper economic conditions here in the days when the county was being brought up to its present high standard. George W. Foster lived to a ripe old age, his death occurring November 11, 1919, at the age of ninety years. His widow survived him for about three years, her death occurring in 1923. They were among the substantial and helpful pioneers of this county, and at their passing they left a good memory here, for they had done well their part in the general communal life of this section of California, and their names will not soon be forgotten.

Reared on the home farm near Dixon, William W. Foster received his initial education in the rural schools of that district, and when he was fifteen years of age he was placed under the tutelage of the Rev. J. L. Simmons, whose services in behalf of the youth of that neighborhood in connection with a private school he had undertaken to conduct at his home in Dixon never will be forgotten here. Under that preceptorship Mr. Foster was prepared for college, and he then entered the old Vacaville College, one of California's pioneer educational institutions. Upon the conclusion of his studies there he resumed his place on the farm and also became engaged in local realty activities. In 1890 he was employed as clerk to the chief engineer at the navy yards and was thus engaged for four years, in the meantime, under local preceptorship, carrying on his studies in law. In 1896 Mr. Foster was admitted to the bar and engaged in practice at Sacramento. His health subsequently failing him, he sought relief in the drier climate of the lake region in Modoc county, and he was there engaged in practice for two years, with offices at Alturas. He then moved to Siskiyou county and opened an office at Sisson, now Mount Shasta, and there remained for twelve years. At the end of that time, in 1911, he returned to Vallejo, and he has since followed his profession here, his practice now being largely confined to the demands of a select clientele and to the supervision of his own quite extensive affairs.

In 1901 William W. Foster was united in marriage to Miss Ida L. Garnett, a daughter of J. S. Garnett, one of the prominent figures in the development of the Dixon settlement. Mrs. Foster thus also is a member of one of the pioneer families of Solano county, and she shares her husband's deep interest in the general welfare of the community. Mr. Foster has ever been interested in the civic affairs of the state and is a helpful participant in political activities when the occasion has seemed to demand his services.

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