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Herman L. Freudenberg, the pioneer automobile sales agent at Vallejo and for years the local distributor of the products of the Buick Motor Company of Detroit, one of the best known figures in the automobile trade in this section of California, is a native of the old Blue Grass state and was reared in Alabama, but is a resident of California by choice and the exercise of sound judgment and is quite content to regard this as his permanent home, for he has made many fast friends here and has had many convicting proofs that the proverbial hospitality of the people of California is a fact deeply and securely grounded.

Mr. Freudenberg was born in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, February 24, 1879, and was but a lad when his parents moved with their family from that city to Decatur, Alabama, where he had his schooling and where he became an experienced railroad machinist, working in the railway shops of that city. In 1908 Mr. Freudenberg came to Vallejo as a machinist in the shops of the Mare Island navy yard and was thus engaged here until in 1912, when he entered the automobile trade, taking the local agency for the distribution of the Buick automobile in this territory. He well recalls his first sale. He had no "demonstrator" car and was compelled to rely solely upon his own unshakable confidence in the reliability of the product he was selling and on the company's catalog claims in behalf of that product. After a month of verbal "demonstration" he sold a car to T. J. O'Boyle. It is significant of the worth of that car that it was only a little while ago that Mr. O'Boyle turned his faithful old Buick back to its original salesman in part exchange for a new car and that the old 1912 model was still in good condition. The tremendous strides that have been made in the automobile industry since those days are apparent to Mr. Freudenberg, who recalls that there were so few cars on the roads in those days that he could tell the make of the car by the sort of a sound it made when passing his garage. Mr. Freudenberg has a well established place of business at 329 Virginia street and has for years been regarded as one of the leaders in the automobile trade throughout this section, even as he is one of the pioneers in that line.

In 1900, at Decatur, Alabama, Herman L. Freudenberg was united in marriage to Miss Catherine L. Guhl, who was born in Germany, and they have two sons, Albert and Herman Freudenberg. Mr. Freudenberg is an active member of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce and of the Rotary Club, in the affairs of both of which useful organizations he has long taken a helpful interest. He is a Knight Templar Mason and a Noble of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, affiliated with Ben Ali temple at Sacramento, and is the local committeeman or representative of that temple in this district. His basic connection with Freemasonry is through Naval Lodge No. 87, Free and Accepted Masons, and his connection with the Knights Templar is through Naval Commandery No. 19. He also is a member of Samoset Tribe No. 22, Improved Order of Red Men, and of Vallejo Camp No. 515, Woodmen of the World.

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