Solano County

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To a great extent the prosperity of the agricultural sections of our great country is due to the honest industry, the sturdy perseverance and the wise economy which so prominently characterize the foreign element that has entered largely into our population. By comparison with their old-country surroundings, these people have recognized the great opportunities that lie in America for the man of ambition and energy and many of them have become among our best citizens. Among this class may be mentioned Antonio Garibaldi, who is successfully engaged in vegetable farming on his place on the Napa road. Mr. Garibaldi was born in Italy on the 12th of March, 1884, and received his education in the schools of his native land. For reference to his parents, the reader's attention is directed to the sketch of his brother, Eugene Garibaldi, which appears on another page of this work.

Antonio Garibaldi remained in his native land until nineteen years of age, when he came to the United States, arriving here practically without money and ignorant of the language and customs of a strange land. But he was ambitious and determined to succeed and he courageously went to work at anything he could find to do and at the same time studied hard to acquire a knowledge of the English language. After two years of steady work and keen observation of conditions he decided that his opportunity lay before him and he bought ten and three-quarters acres of land on the Napa road, where he now lives, and went to work to put it in shape for cultivation. He has put much hard and unremitting labor into the improvement of his place, but his efforts have been abundantly rewarded and he now has not only a good and profitable piece of land but also a very comfortable and attractive home. Mr. Garibaldi married Miss Amelia Sala and they have three children, Louis, Joseph and William. He is deeply interested in the welfare of his adopted country and takes the proper interest in public affairs. He is independent in politics.

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