Solano County

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Eugene Garibaldi, a well known and successful young vegetable grower of Solano county and proprietor of a well kept place on the Napa road out of Vallejo, is a native of sunny Italy, but has been a resident of California since the days of his boyhood and is thoroughly devoted to the interests of this region, for he has found here an outlet for his ambition that probably would have been denied him in his native land with its overpopulated areas. He was born on October 31, 1895, and is a son of Albert and Rosa (Brusco) Garibaldi, the latter of whom is still living, now well past seventy years of age. The late Albert Garibaldi was a farmer in his native Italy and was also for some time engaged in that vocation in South America.

It was in the spring of 1913, he then being seventeen years of age, that Eugene Garibaldi came to California, rejoining here his elder brother, who had some years prior to that year become a resident of Solano county, and for a year following his arrival here the young man from Italy was employed in his brother's vegetable growing operations. He then started in for himself, renting a small tract of land, and met with such a measure of success that he presently found himself in a position to become a landowner and proprietor in his own right. He bought the tract of eight acres on which he is now living on the Napa road out of Vallejo and has since been carrying on his operations there. Mr. Garibaldi was one of the organizers of the local Vegetable Growers Association, sells his product through that association and in 1924 served as vice president of the same. He married Miss Katherine Navone, a native daughter of California, born in Napa county, and they have two children, Evelyn and Albert.

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