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A. J. Gorham, wharfinger at Vallejo, was born in San Francisco, Sep-tember 2, 1852, and is a son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Ide) Gorham, both long since deceased. They were the parents of nine children, but two of whom are now living, the subject of this sketch having a brother, Frank W. Gorham. Abraham Gorham was an Australian, and in 1850, at the height of the gold excitement on this coast, he established himself in San Francisco, where he became widely known as an artist and a musician, his dual talent bringing him a recognition that made him one of the conspicuous figures in the rapidly developing city. As an artist he was called upon to do the painting of the scenic effects for the theaters that were springing up in the city and for the artistic interior decoration of its hotels and finer houses, and as a musician he organized and led a cornet band which as "Gorham's band" was widely known in its day. He also did much of the decorative painting at the navy yard and was for years regarded here as a master in his line.

Reared at Vallejo, where his father had established his home during the '50s, A. J. Gorham had his schooling there and under the direction of his father became a decorative painter, a vocation he followed for ten years. At the end of that time he established a hack line and continued in that connection for three years. He then embarked in the hotel business and was for years thereafter thus engaged, his experience along this line having been acquired at Santa Rosa, where he made his home for ten years and where he also for some time operated an amusement park; at Napa and at Napa Soda Springs; at Petaluma, where he spent two years, being proprietor of the American hotel there; and at San Francisco, where he remained a year or more, acting as proprietor of a hotel in that city. He also was for some time engaged in the grocery business at Vallejo. In ' 1917 Mr. Gorham became employed in the navy yard and was there until 1921, in which year he received his appointment as wharfinger at Vallejo.

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