Solano County

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C. F. Hatch, secretary and treasurer of the Monticello Steamship Company of Vallejo, is one of the best known young business men of that city and is an active factor in the promotion of all proper development enterprises in that section. He was born in the city of Olympia, Washington, September 28, 1891, and is a son of Z. J. and Addie (Tremain) Hatch, both now deceased. Years ago they came into the Pacific northwest from Monticello, Sullivan county, New York, and after a period of residence in Washington came to California in 1895, in which year Z. J. Hatch became one of the founders of the present Monticello Steamship Company, the concern having been established under the firm name of Hatch Brothers. On July 26, 1904, following a reorganization of the affairs of the firm and the adoption of a program of expansion, the name was changed to the Monticello Steamship Company, in honor of the Hatch brothers' old home town of Monticello, and the business has since been carried on under that name. It is one of the best established ferry companies on the coast, operating a fleet of ferries between San Francisco and Vallejo, and by common consent their boats are declared to be the finest and best operating in the bay. Z. J. Hatch, who did so much toward the substantial establishment of this concern, died September 15, 1913. His widow survived him for more than ten years, her death occurring February 6, 1924.

C. F. Hatch was but four years of age when he came with his parents to California, and he was reared at Oakland. Upon completing the course in the high school there he entered the Hastings College of Law the law school of the University of California, and in 1915 he was graduated from that institution. On leaving college Mr. Hatch entered upon active connection with the affairs of the Monticello Steamship Company, and was elected secretary and treasurer, and he has since been thus serving, being in general administrative charge, with offices on the Monticello wharf at Vallejo. This concern also acts as local agent for the San Francisco, Napa & Calistoga Railway Company. Mr. Hatch is alertly responsive to all movements for the advancement of the general interests of Vallejo and of this section of the state and is recognized as one of the progressive boosters of the town. As a member of the locally influential Vallejo Rotary Club he has done his full share in the promotive activities of that body, and in other ways he has shown his ardent interest in development projects.

In 1915, at Berkeley, C. F. Hatch was united in marriage to Miss Doris Brewster, who was born in Iowa but was reared at Berkeley, and they have three children: James J., Peter and Eleanor.

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