Solano County

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Mrs. C. V. Holtog, founder and proprietor of the Vallejo Cleaning and Dyeing Works at Vallejo, and one of the leaders in her line in this section of California, has had an experience and practice in this line of useful endeavor dating back to the days of her girlhood, for she was but sixteen years of age when in San Francisco she began to learn the fine details of a business which ever since has engaged her intelligent attention. For twenty years she has been engaged in business in Vallejo and during that time has built up an establishment there second to none in its class in this section. "Square Dealing" ever has been her motto in her relations with her customers and the painstaking attention given to the fabrics which pass through her establishment long ago created for that establishment a definite clientele which has insured the success which it long has enjoyed.

Mrs. Holtog was born in the state of Washington but was reared in San Francisco, in which city, as pointed out above, she became an expert technician in the fine art of dyeing and cleaning, having excellent training in the plants of the Golden West Company and the Olympia Cleaning Works, two of the old standard establishments of the kind on the coast. In October, 1905, in association with her sister, Miss Nora O'Neal, she became engaged in business on her own account at Vallejo and has since been thus engaged, with a well equipped and admirably appointed establishment at 616 Marin street, where she is prepared to take care of any class of fine work that may be brought to her attention in the way of scientific cleaning and dyeing, strictly modern methods being employed in the place. Though Miss O'Neal still makes her home in Vallejo she no longer is connected with her sister's establishment, Mrs. Holtog carrying on the business alone, under the name of the Vallejo Cleaning and Dyeing Works.

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