Solano County

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One of the most interesting records relating to the development of the farms of Solano county is that of Frank E. Knight, who, with keen foresight and a vision of future possibilities, took a vast tract of land, a large portion of which had been considered practically worthless, and by the exercise of heroic measures and the expenditure of considerable money created one of the finest ranches in the southwestern part of the county, now abundantly reaping the fruits of his investment of time, labor and funds. Mr. Knight is a native of California and was born in Humboldt county on the 22d of November, 1871, a son of Andrew H. and Mary J. (Parkinson) Knight. Andrew H. Knight crossed the plains in 1850, going to Oregon, and then, at the age of eighteen years, he started to walk down the coast. He walked chiefly at night and rested during the daytime, thus avoiding the extreme heat, and at length reached Humboldt county, where he remained for two years. He then went to Australia and after spending fourteen years there returned to his former location in Humboldt county. In 1902 he came to Solano county, locating on a ranch on the Napa road, and there he spent the remainder of his life, his death occurring in 1907. He is survived by his widow, who is now over eighty-one years old.

Frank E. Knight obtained his education in the public schools of Humboldt county and remained on the home ranch until he was twenty-three years of age, when he engaged in the creamery and dairy business in that county. About 1904 he came to Solano county and bought seven thousand acres adjoining Vallejo, a large part of which was tidewater land. In order to redeem this tract and render it arable he was compelled to construct a vast system of dykes to keep back the tides, and when this was accomplished there was available a fine area of land which had hitherto been absolutely worthless. Altogether Mr. Knight spent about eighty thousand dollars in this redemption work, but it proved a good investment, and his efforts have been well rewarded.

Mr. Knight was married to Miss Lottie L. Randall, of Santa Cruz, Cali-fornia, and they are the parents of three children, Randall Frank, Mildred and Rawson. Mr. Knight is independent in his political views, voting according to the dictates of his judgment as to men and measures. He is eminently public-spirited and has long been regarded as one of the representative men of his county.

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