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Among the residents of Vallejo no more interesting or deserving character can be found than the subject of this sketch, who, after forty-five years of faithful service for his country, is now retired and living quietly and comfortably in this city. His record is one of which he and his family have just reason to be proud - characterized always by the conscientious performance of his duty under any and all circumstances - and now, at the age of more than three score and ten, he is just as earnest and conscientious in the performance of his obligations of private citizenship.

Eugene Kreh is a native of Germany, where he was born on the 21st day of June, 1853, and is the son of Carl H. and Ida (Becht) Kreh, the former of whom died in his native land. The mother came to the United States some time after the emigration of her son, who had come here in 1872, at the age of nineteen years. He had received his education in the public schools of Germany and on his arrival in this country he located at Erie, Pennsylvania, where he remained for awhile. He had seen active service in the German army in Italy and Algiers before coming to this country, and also in the Foreign Legion of France. In 1873 he enlisted in the United States army and during the ensuing thirty years he served in various branches of the service. He took active part in a number of the Indian wars, including the Custer campaign, and also in the Spanish-American war. For a time he was assistant armorer at the Cadet's armory in Berkeley and for fifteen years he served as chief of police at the Mare Island navy yard. He was retired from the service in October, 1921, with the highest commendations of his superior officers. In 1905 he located in Vallejo, where he occupies a comfortable home at No. 801 Alabama street. Though no longer active in his country's service, no one keeps in closer touch with public events than he and he gives loyal support to every movement inaugurated for the betterment or improvement of his community.

On October 20, 1883, Mr. Kreh married Miss Louisa Griesbeck, who was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, and to them were born the following children: Eugene, who died at the age of nine years; Lois; William, who is an electrician at the Mare Island navy yard; Carl H., and Helen, wife of Alfred C. Berg. Carl H. Kreh served in the United States navy, on different ships. He was on the battleship Pittsburgh, which was at anchor at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when the epidemic of influenza struck the South Atlantic squadron, and he was one of the victims, his death occurring on October 20, 1918. He was chief and flag yeoman and was held in high esteem throughout the fleet. Carl Kreh Post No. 1123 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, at Vallejo, was named in his honor. Eugene Kreh is a republican in his political alignment, while he sustains fraternal relations with the Knights of Pythias, and has been elected an honorary member of Carl Kreh post, Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Personally, he is modest and unassuming, with no thought of praise because of his long and honorable record, but among those who know him no man stands higher in their sincere respect and esteem, for they appreciate his fine character and genuine worth and honor him for his loyalty and patriotism.

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