Solano County

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Among that considerable number of enterprising Azorians who have done so much toward the development of the dairy industry throughout this section of California, there are few who are more widely known or who are carrying on their operations on a more extensive and profitable scale than is M. L. Lopes, proprietor of a fine dairy ranch on the Cordelia-Benicia highway in Solano county. Mr. Lopes has a well improved and well stocked ranch of about twelve hundred and fifty acres and his herd numbers no fewer than four hundred head of fine dairy cattle. He disposes of his milk in the local markets, and its high quality has for years insured a constant and growing demand. Mr. Lopes was born in the Azores, April 8, 1883, and he is a son of D. G. and Maria Lopes, both also native Azorians. They are now living in California, where they have resided for the past fifteen years, and are engaged in dairying, a vocation with which they became thoroughly familiar in their native island. As a young man, fifty years ago, D. G. Lopes came to California, but he presently returned to his native land and there remained until 1910, when he and his wife disposed of their holdings in the Azores and came to this state, where they since have made their home.

Reared on his native island, M. L. Lopes had his schooling there and grew up well trained in dairying operations. In 1901, when he was eighteen years of age, he came to California, and upon his arrival here he began working in local dairies, thus familiarizing himself with operations in that field as applied to conditions in this country. Two or three years later, upon attaining his majority, he began dairying on his own account, starting in a modest way with a small ranch and a small herd, and he has gradually expanded this enterprise until now, as noted above, he is recognized as one of the leading dairymen in this region, with a fine plant and a choice herd on his well improved ranch. He is constantly improving his place and has one of the best equipped dairies in this favored region.

Mr. Lopes has been twice married, and by his first wife, Julia L. Machalo, he has a son, Anthony Lopes, who is now in school. For his second wife Mr. Lopes married Miss Theresa Correia, who also was born in the Azores, a daughter of Theresa E. Correia, and who has been a resident of California since the days of her girlhood. Mr. and Mrs. Lopes are republicans and give proper attention to local civic affairs and to other community activities. Mr. Lopes is an active member of the popular Portuguese society U. P. E. C. and is also affiliated with the I. D. E. S.

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